Alex Brown’s mother, father and brother. This made us, as the audience, realize how much we can hurt our parents just as much as ourselves when testing and driving. Evidence What evidence is presented to support the claim? Throughout the whole article, it supports the claim. For example, when the mother said; “And I left. You know, just a normal day. About 9:30, the aide came in from the college class and said that Alex had not made it to school and wanted to know if she was supposed to be there that day. Of course, she was. She would just never answer her phone, so I went and told the office hat needed to go find her.

But, I knew where she was, and I knew what had happened. As I stated before, this had huge effect on us because of the fact that so many teenagers have that “Oh it won’t happen to me, I’ll be fine” mindset and one day, it’ll be just a normal day of going to work or school or hanging out with friends and that’s when it’ll happen: a car will hit you or it could be raining and you could spin out and hit a tree or go down a hill. Ideas What ideas are stated which are related to the claim? “l told her, I said, “You’ve got to stop this. You’re going to have a wreck if you intone to do this.

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