Usage of electricity is also a huge abundance in my residents. A normal routine of using electricity varies from everything like lights computers, television, tablets and cell phones. There’s is not a day my family and I are not using energy as electricity. Next, commercial energy is the highest energy sources are used in my daily routine. As a nurse the amount of energy used on daily to accommodate work has could be at an all-time high. We use refrigerators for immunization, food and lab work. We use most of our energy on patients for example respiratory patients on ventilation and tracts.

Living in the south, we cannot live with air conditioning units to monitor temps and keep down infection. In addition, many energy usages occur from daily use of laundry, medical equipment, sterilization machines such as autoclaves, computer and server use, and food service and I’m sure I’m missing others. Sources used in the hospital can vary from natural gas, electricity and fuels. Lastly, would be my personal transportation. Personal vehicles, on the other hand, consume more than 60% of the energy used for transportation. (The National Academy of Sciences, 2015. ) On Average the energy I use on a daily basis is nonrenewable.

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What impacts have been observed on both humans and the environment as a result of increasing energy needs and use? There are many factors, both natural and humans that have a huge impact on the environment. Pollution is a short and long term problem we have on Earth. Pollution can cause changes in the planet’s energy balance, such as changes in the greenhouse effect, which affects the amount of heat retained by Earth’s atmosphere, variations in the sun’s energy reaching Earth changes in the reflectivity of Earth’s atmosphere and surface. The changes have changed the climate many times which have an effect on humans also.

NRC EPA 2010) Our planet can is good at reusing waste but humans are producing more than what the Earth can handle. Pollution happened at different stages and it has an impact on all living things including species and humans. Unfortunately, humans are the most polluting species. If you were to seek a new energy resource for your home, what would you choose? If I had to choose new energy resources for my home I would choose solar panels. The main reason that most individuals convert their power source to solar energy is to cut down their electrical bill because the electrical usage generated from the sun is free.

I love the sound Of free. Solar panels are energy that is taken from renewal able energy sources such as wind, sun, geothermal, and biomass. Installing solar panels is simple way for home to decrease its carbon and environmental impact. Also as stated previously that world pollution is getting worse and solar panels helps. Any effort that can reduce the pollution to the environment helps to save the earth. Therefore, solar energy that is harmless to the environment will be the major energy source for future. (http://www. Go-green. Awe/Greensboro. ) The challenge with solar panels is an intermittent energy source.

The sun doesn’t shine all day perfectly on panels and trees and taller houses that surround my house could shade the panels. Throughout the summer months, the sun’s rays can intermittently be blocked by clouds. So on these summer days the panel system faces challenges by not being efficient. Another challenge is the cost to install solar panels, even with several inducements. A solar panel system could still set one back a few thousands of dollars but the total price depends on the home, its location, size but even smaller systems can be expensive to install. How can simple changes make a big impact?

Overall, there are small changes I can make to help make an impact on the environment. While at home I can use more natural lighting and natural air for cooling when weather is permitted. Sealing drafts on windows and doors to make sure that my home has adequate insulation can help with being more energy-efficient. Can replace my light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Could find local organizations that take back electronics like phones modems, irons, fans, heaters and microwaves for reuse and recycling. With Transportation I could carpool or drive less by riding a bike or using city transit.

Hybrids cars and plug-in hybrids use a smaller amount Of gas and saves money on high gas priced. So when completing school I could purchase a new vehicle. Outwork, reducing, reusing, and recycling at the work saves energy, and reduces pollution. Double sided printing and copying; printing items needed; finding a company that’s sales office supplies that a recycled or a company that will allow you to refill your uses ink cartridges; Having several recycling choices for items such as paper products, batteries. With these actions I can help energy usage and reduce pollution. I can ask my manager if your building has earned the Energy Star.