The invention of smartness has particularly made this easy and this has considerably raised concerns about a brand’s future success. A simple positive tweet from a popular figure can as simply promote a product s well as diminish it if negative. Empowering of employees would hence come in handy. For instance, a customer’s problem can be solved as quickly as the customer airs the issue instead of letting it sore out, and this would eventually promote a firm’s positive image.

Moreover, HERO-driven innovations and marketing strategies through the social sites provide a platform for reaching out to customers’ problems and find ways to stimulate, harness, and channel their innovations. Critique The author is quick and vivid to support his idea of empowering employees in a firm. The examples used adequately support this idea and are on point nee such being Youth video social media marketing. Judging from the overall tone used, the author is more inclined in support of deploying methods to empower the employees.

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However, he proves biased into the idea for he lightly touches on the down-sides of empowering employees. For instance, he quickly draws off on the security concerns associated with such an undertaking and also makes a mockery comment on firms that will not support this idea at the end of the article. In contrast, it is evident that empowering employees in a firm is a positive and profitable approach if a firm successfully employs it.