For each question, rate yourself according to the following scale: Please circle the number which best represents your answer: Now, compare your answers from your Initial Self Assessment. Ask yourself: Has any significant change been achieved? Evidence: When first completed the initial self-assessment, was unaware of any habits which I may have developed over the years which could affect my ability to succeed, I gave this a 5 on the scale.

Since completing the assessment, I was able to identify my bad habits and problem areas thus allowing me to work towards eradicating them by practice and am now confident enough to score this a 1 . At the beginning of the semester I was apprehensive about working in groups and teams, the initial assessment eloped me recognize this and I was able to plan ahead and practice presentations well before the deadline in order to work cohesively with my peers, can now score this a 1, an improvement from my initial score of 4. What issues have you discovered with the Initial Self Assessment?

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After the completion of the initial self-assessment I discovered that didn’t have any significant learning styles when completing assignments or undergoing revision, because of this scored this part 4, due to this I have been researching different learning styles and asking friends what can do to improve this; am currently working towards a score of 1 . Being able to handle the reading my degree demands”; which I scored a 3, allowed me to realize that due to being out of education for such a long time, was unsure whether this would become an apparent problem. M presently working towards making sure this does not become a difficult mission throughout my degree. What issues have you discovered with your PDP? Completing my PDP allowed me to understand the importance Of proportioning workload over social activities and in some cases, employment. I am, at this time working towards effectively thinking before acting in order to make sure social activities do not interfere with school work.

Before completing my PDP I was unaware that managing my stress levels was actually a challenge, the PDP has allowed me to plan out a step by step process on how to achieve a calm nature before deadlines such as using revision techniques in preparation for exams. What have been the key areas of learning from the past semester in terms of your personal development? During the past semester I have been able to learn how to work with a group on a presentation; this was my first time being faced with such task.

I was able to use my transferable skills from my work background to interact with y peers and learnt the art of patience, listening and understanding. I was also able to learn how to obtain more confidence in myself before and during a presentation. This was an essential experience specifically because it was a personal area for development. 2. SOOT Analysis – Internal Factors: Reflection Underlying reasons Strengths: What do you do well? What unique resources can you draw on? What do others see as your strengths?

Through my various work experiences, I have been able to permit various skills such as responsibility, working as part of a team and being a team leader. This will come as an advantage when I am placed in a work environment or faced with group work at university; will be able to transfer these skills towards my group’s performance. Recently, have discovered my receptive attitude towards learning, problem solving and stimulating my mind; I believe this will provide me with the steeping stone I need to complete and study the different modules within my degree.

I have been told I have strong communication skills, a calm and good spirited nature and the ability to adapt to people from different backgrounds and cultures. This has given me confidence when networking both socially and professionally. Weaknesses: What could you improve? Where do you have fewer resources than others? What are others likely to see as weaknesses? The time period in which I was not in any form of education has made it difficult for me to routine day to day activities. Errantly lack the ability to fit university alongside work and other social activities, in order to eradicate this issue I would need to make the effort to improve my organizational skills in order to avoid failing modules and falling behind with work. During exam period and when approaching coursework deadlines, I find that my stress levels increase dramatically; this has made it difficult for me to concentrate ND provide written work to the best of my ability, this could easily affect my grades and possibly lead to failing my chosen degree.

In order to avoid this I must strive to avoid high levels of anxiety. Others would identify my weakness as having a short attention span and getting distracted easily; I believe this is due to my over confident attitude towards multitasking. Self-Assessment – External F-actors Factor Impact (consider these external factors and the impact they may have on your studies) Opportunities: What opportunities are open to you? What could you take advantage of? How can you turn your strengths into opportunities?

The degree I am currently studying has given me the opportunity to become successful when entering the career I have chosen. If am unable to attain top grades, it will set me back when trying to achieve my chosen job role. Receiving low grades will come as a disadvantage when competing with peers, as employers will most likely employ someone with advanced grades than l. Finding and completing a work placement in my chosen field is another important opportunity.

It will give me a desirable advantage when applying for jobs and ensure my C.V. is not only related to my chosen field but ill also show that I have made the effort to attain such experience before completion of my degree. This will also allow me to gain fundamental insight into what It is like to work within my chosen career. Threats: What threats could harm you? What threats do your weaknesses expose you to? As I make the journey towards achieving my career within the Oil and Gas industry, the main threat I believe I will face will be the competition between my fellow peers and I.

Another threat which may be perceived as unusual will be starting a family, within the Oil and Gas industry’, majority of jobs are eased abroad and involve constant traveling, this will make it difficult for me to move up the ladder and achieve personal goals which I will set out throughout my career. 3. Personal Development plan (Please note the period Of the must cover 4 semesters) 950 Area for Development Current situation Desired Outcomes Processes for change Timescale using exam revision techniques and remaining calm during exam periods.

During exam periods I tend to feel apprehensive over the workload and the amount of revision which needs to be done. My stress levels increase which denominates me from completing the revision tasks which I have set for yeses. When exams are approaching, I would like to have a step by step technique towards revising of different modules. This will help me feel comfortable when studying. Using internet, books and other resources to educate myself on the different types of exam techniques there are. Once have do this, I will put the techniques into practice in order to identify which technique best suits my ability to take information.

I will also ask my fellow peers, family and friends what they feel is the best technique to use and most effective. I will develop a revision plan which will include spaced out revision mime slots and plenty of breaks. Once I have done this, will be able to increase my ability to remain calm when under pressure during exam periods. 6 months Work experience/ placements and networking within the Oil and Gas industry currently do not have any experience working within the oil and gas industry, have applied for paid work in the recruitment department but was unable to accept an interview due to the hours of work available.

To find, start or complete any work experience or placements within the oil and gas industry. Would also like to develop contacts within the industry. I will onetime to apply for jobs online, and use social networks such as Link to find job opportunities. When looking for opportunities within the Oil and Gas industry, will not only look for paid work but also unpaid internships and placements. I will update my C.V. in order for it to meet the requirements of each job role apply for and make the effort to meet and network with people within this sector by joining and attending social clubs both professional and educational. Year-areas Having confidence when asking and answering questions in seminars and in front of the class. I currently have limited confidence when in seminars. I am unable to ask questions or speak up when needed. I tend to keep quiet and only answer questions which are personally directed at me. To be able to confidently stand up in front of my lecturer and peers and ask the questions I want answered, also, answering questions even if feel may not have the correct answer. This could be attained by recognizing what triggers my apprehension when speaking in front of the class.

Once I have identified these points I can then prepare and plan what needs to be said in front of the class. I will talk to friends and family to find out how they overcome the fear f speaking In public and what they would do in my position. Practicing and rehearsing for upcoming presentations will give me confidence and help me stay calm enough to follow presentations through to the best of my ability. Lastly, will make sure not to dwell on mistakes made when speaking in front of the class and identify what changes need to be made without being over critical. Months Proportioning educational workload over non beneficial social activities. I tend to choose going out to social events rather than staying home or going library to complete unfinished work. Find it easier to ignore the workload whilst engaging in social activities. To be able to identify what I need to priorities in terms Of social activities and school work. TO have the ability to refuse a social gathering and instead stay home or go library to complete work and study.

When faced with the ultimatum of engaging in a social activity or completing school work; will make sure my decision is not rushed. Firstly I will make sure that I have enough time to complete school work and only engage in social activities when I am sure there will be no sacrifices made towards assignments and studying. I will also assess whether going to particular social tattering will be of benefit to my career and or education. 3/4 months Organizing day to day activities without jeopardizing my health but improving it.

I currently take each day as it comes regardless of what needs to be done, due to this I find myself studying at late hours of the night when I should be sleeping, this has made an impact on my health and fitness. To wake up each day and know exactly what needs to be done and when, especially while coursework deadlines are approaching. To sleep at appropriate times and be fit enough to complete my day to day tasks. In order to achieve this, I will aka use of a personal organizer/ diary, using this to note down and schedule any tasks which need to be completed in due course.

I will purchase and install a notice bored within my home; on the notice board I will make sure that a calendar is present where I can note down what needs to be completed each month. I will make use of sticky notes to jot down any significant errands which need to be made shortly; all of which will ensure I am in bed at a reasonable time.