So why are legislators wanting to implement drug testing for welfare recipients? Many believe that those receiving welfare assistance should engage in reasonable and constructive behavior in order to continue benefiting from public assistance. One study suggest that 1/3 of welfare recipients engage in illegal drug use. Those in favor Of drug testing feel that taxpayers have the right to see that their help goes to those who truly need it and that it is being used to benefit the recipient and not being wasted on a drug addiction.

When welfare was first introduced it was intended as a temporary program to meet the current needs of those suffering financially. However, it appears that many have become lifelong dependents of public assistance. Scientific evaluation of Florist’s drug-testing requirement showed that welfare recipients who used illegal drugs had earnings that were 30 percent lower than those who did not. By reducing illegal drug use, many believe that former addicts would increase their earnings allowing them to become less and less dependent on the welfare program.

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When the state of Florida imposed the law to drug test welfare recipients, new welfare enrollment declined by as much as 48%. Everyone has the chance to make their own decisions in life. For many it would seem that they would much rather continue with their illegal drug use then to receive financial assistance. However, who truly benefited from that decision? Does the government benefit because they are paying out less to welfare recipients?

Of course they do, but if those who originally qualified for assistance based on their financial situation no longer apply or lose their benefits, then how are their needs being met? Many who receive welfare assistance depend on it in order to buy groceries, clothing, and to receive medical care. If parents chose to not sign up for welfare because of their drug SE, then what happens to the children? Who is buying the food and clothes? Who is providing medical care when it is needed? Children do not have a choice of deciding who their parents are.

They do not get to decide whether or not their parents receive welfare. However, the children are often the ones who suffer because of bad choices. Fifth government stops providing assistance to the parents, the parents are no longer able to provide for the children. It is unfair that children need to suffer in order for the government to reduce the amount paid out to welfare recipients as well as reducing the umber of those using illegal drugs. There are a lot of pros and cons of requiring drug testing of welfare recipients.

This debate is not something that will be solved over night or even by next year. While many working class Americans are required to be drug tested in order to secure a job and maintain their jobs, it is not something that is required by all employers or even the government. For those who receive public assistance, they are already required by law to follow various rules and regulations and have to submit private information to receive their benefits. The government has the right to add and change requirements to chive public assistance.

However, by adding drug testing to the mix will it reduce the number of people addicted to drugs or will it cause more harm to innocent children if their parents are not able to receive assistance. Requiring drug testing may reduce drug use a small percent, but the large majority will continue using and chose to not receive public assistance potentially causing an ever greater dependence of illegal drugs. Many say it is fair and justified and long over do. Both sides have valid points and this will be something that will continue to be debated for years to come.