Lord Henry learns that Dorian Grey is the grandson of Lord Keels. 2- The thing that is totally enthralling in this chapter would be the romantic story that ended tragically of Doorman’s parents 3- Lord Henry tells the Duchess when she asks him how can she become young again, that one must merely repeat one’s follies. 4- Lord Henry tells Dorian Gray that the real secret of life is to never get married. 5- Dorian request Basil and Henry accompany him to the theater to see Sibyl. 6- The telegram that Lord Henry receives from Dorian states that Dorian is engaged to Sibyl.

Chapter 5: – Sibyl doesn’t understand her relationship with Dorian in a mature way. In fact, Sybil was kind of stupid and optimistic, the love between her and Dorian was all she cared or thought about. 2- Sibyl’s brother, James is worried about the intentions of Dorian towards his sister and what is ironic that James doesn’t know neither the full name nor the fiance of his sister. 3- In a hierarchy of class the Vane family would be placed in the highest class which means the vane family has high social and economical standards. I think that James has the best sense of their social position.

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