If the jury of Jefferson trial was made up of both whites and blacks, how wow Id it change the outcome Of the trial? What other factors would’ve played into the discussion and decision of pleading Jefferson guilty or maybe even innocent? Answer : In the time that this book took place, there was a lot of discrimination and segregation occurring between blacks and whites, which made this trial very b as.

In this case, there were no people in the jury that were on Jefferson side not because e he was wrong, but because of his skin color. If there were people in the jury who were e black, they would argue testosterone was just an innocent bystander who was seen at t he wrong place and at the wrong time. He was just under stress so he drank and took money so that he could get something to eat. The result of the trial would have been different if there were blacks in the jury. 2. If Jefferson attorney had not called Jefferson a hog, do you think that the j our would have put some more thought into they’re decision?

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Did calling Jefferson a hog make it easier for the jury to see that he is a ghostwriting black and that his death would be no different from an animals? I don’t think that there would be a different outcome in the trial since they did don’t see anything else in him than a black man who should get executed because of hi s skin color. Also, they didn’t base their opinion in deciding which way the trial would go b eased on Jefferson side of it so calling him a hog didn’t change which way the trial wow Divide went. . How do you think the influences of racism affect Grant as a man and how he sees himself in society? Do you think fifths book took place in an equal society that Grant would feel more comfortable to let people see him for the man he really is? In my opinion I am not really sure about this but I do know that Grant hates t he fact that he is seen lower than others because he is black. In the book he does go visit his parents in California, but the racial factor bothers him greatly 4.

Do you think Gaines uses the character of Vivian to take the readers minds off of Jefferson and his struggle, or he just uses Vivian to show something that makes Grant h pappy and that he found a girl in his life that he really loves? Answer : I think that Vivian is used as a character to show happiness in Grants life. Throughout most of the book he is upset about being discriminated and trying to help Jefferson who is just making him more upset since he isn’t cooperating. Vivian makes Grant happy and he wants to be with her so I think she is used to make Grant happy 5.

Does it seem that Gaines made Jefferson attorney call him a hog to just try y and help him in trial, or so that it is used to show a theme in the book and so that the “lesson n” learned before dying is to die like a man? : I think that the whole theme throughout the book is for Jefferson to learn ho W to die like a man, and it confuses why Gaines didn’t make the book through Jefferson no’s point of IEEE, but the fact that he uses a hog in the beginning helps shape a strong he me throughout the book. 6.

Why does Gaines include a chapter where he shows the reader Jefferson t Houghton from his journal that Grant got him? Do you think it is a way to show the reader ho w Jefferson is learning his “Lesson Before Dying’? : I don’t really know the answer to this question, but this chapter showed a lot of Jefferson thoughts and I think as the book goes on and Grant tries to teach J offers, Jefferson starts to learn more and more. This is then showed in his thoughts a ND it helps us see how Jefferson becomes a man and learns his lesson.