Discuss the importance of play in children’s learning and development, focusing on the period from birth to six years. Task 1 Introduction Essay: Why is play important? Increases children’s knowledge and understanding, offers opportunities for testing boundaries and so on. Various types Of play and the skills gained through participation in each type, egg Symbolic Play, Dramatic Play, Mastery Play. Experiences of play from birth. Early attachment promotion. Play activities and repetition. Self-educating, through trial and error. Self-Construction. Toddler’s play: increase in pretend play, playing with errs, siblings and/or adults.

Children creating their own play agenda. Scaffolding by adults. Play with Parents: Wallowing in play. Active solicitation in role play helps the child gain traditional thinking and ways of behaving. Play within the family. Stereotypes and viewpoints of parents. How play is valued in the home environment has a major impact on development. Parents who do not engage in play with their children do not promote effective development. Child moving into an Early Years setting. Role of Practitioner: observe and reflect on spontaneous play and then build on this y planning and resounding an environment that challenges and extends play.

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Parental relationships with Early Years setting staff. Important that they are positive and non-judgmental. Out of School provision, Inclusive Play and Play Therapy. Troubled Children. Conclusion Task 2 ‘Children and young people determine and control the content and intent of their play, by following their own instincts, ideas and interests, in their own way for their own reasons. ‘(Early Years Framework, 2004). Play is an instinctive activity which children engage in from birth. It encompasses a range of activities that are chosen NY the child and are erected by them for their own purposes.

Babies engage in play with their parents by reacting to noises made by the adult. They choose objects that are of interest to them and explore them for their interest and enjoyment. This play continues throughout their childhood and allows them to experience the world around them and develop skills that they will use throughout their lives. In this essay I am going to explore the different aspects of play in the development of the child and the importance of play as a learning and developmental experience. For this essay.