A 10 month Old baby is interested in everything, their curiosity is high they ant to touch everything and inspect it. They inspect it by putting in straight into their mouth. Although they are curious they also put little attention into an activity or object and quickly move on to the next activity or object. A baby also discovers their own two hands and are amused by them. An activity you could do with them relating to this could be as easy as teaching them to clap their hands.

Grab their hands and clap them together and do it yourself a few times until they begin to imitate you they will find it so much fun they will quickly learn to clap their hands and they will do it all the time. You can also Arab two objects such as blocks and bang two together, the baby will do the same and grab the blocks and begin to bang them together. At 10 months babies go through conflict known as trust and mistrust which is the first stage of psychosocial development.

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At this stage the infant learns who they can trust. They see who is around them constantly around them and who gives them attention and cling to those people and begin to recognize them. An activity that could be done with the baby dealing with this issue could be the “naming’ or “calling’ game. Have a person who is constantly around them call out the babies name to see if the baby reacts to hem and goes over to them. Or also start naming the person to baby, ask baby where person is.

For example, say where “Mommy” is and if baby is familiar they will turn their head to where mommy is, you can do that with other people to, like where’s “grandma” or “Uncle Joe”. A baby’s bifocals development is how they interact and respond with their growth. Babies like patterns and getting attention and rewarded for things they do. Showering a baby with lots of hugs and kisses encourage their growth and the way they develop. Award them for any little good thing they do. Make it an activity by asking them to put the toy bag in the toy bin and if hey do so reward them with kisses or even say “hay”!!

Babies love that. The baby is very curious, even provide boxes filled with goodies and objects in them, show the baby tell them it is a closed box and open it then close it and encourage him to do the same, make sure to congratulate him when he does so! All of these activities require lots of patience from the parent or caregiver or person performing activities with baby. Remember the baby doesn’t know any better he or she will not get it right the first time it will take some time but with your time, patience and dedication they will accomplish mostly anything inning!