The most pleasant place in my diary would be ‘Pippin Park’ in my home town ‘Enmeshing’; one of the biggest cities in Bangladesh. Being the only son Of the family, I was always at the center Of attention. My uncle, Aziza, 6 years older than me, used to live with us while he was attending college. From 2001-2004, these four years he was my best friend, partner in crimes. He always thought of him as my elder brother not my uncle. He played a very important role to help me become the person I am today. Soccer is his life and so is mine.

During weekdays at 3:pm he used to go to the park for practice. He played as the Right wing for a local club called ‘Abandon Football Club’. I used to be the one carrying his duffel bag as I used to go with him all the time. Soccer and my uncle Aziza isn’t the only two things that come to my mind when I think of pippin Park, there is more. Apparatus River, Sardinia Cafe, 17 small tea stalls, many street food vendors and snack shops, boats will colorful sail on the river, the homeless artist ‘Kamala’ and etc. All these elements give character to this park.

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May be am writing about Pippin Park as my most pleasant place because a whole lots of good memories had men made in this place but I disagree to admit so. Mean it could be a very good reason but that’s not the main reason for me to choose this as the most pleasant place. The park has two standard sized soccer fields, 4 volleyball courts. Right beside the soccer fields there are three one story buildings. Those are the official buildings for the three major soccer clubs in the city. They all look pretty much the same, except their main gate and building color.

The Navy blue one known as “Sheikh Russell FCC”, the White one is ‘Abandon FCC’ The one that my uncle used to play for) and the one with the sky blue one is known as “Ala Moan FCC”. Right beside the soccer fields there is like 50 feet wide and 1. 5 mile long pathway for people those who want to take a walk or may be run. On the right side of the path after every 200 meters you will find a small sack shop or tea stalls. The river Apparatus flows right beside this park and to be more precise the river is 10-20 feet away from the pathway.

So you get a perfect view of the river, the boats on the river, people crossing the ever on those colorful boats to come to the city from the village that’s on the other side of the river, the water buffalos taking a pleasure bath in hot summer days, may be a bottle nose dolphin every once in a while if you are lucky enough. The boats are very unique back there, some of those have a round hood in the middle to protect passengers from the sun or the rain. If you ever get on one of these boats right before the sunset you might be lucky enough to see the sunset from the river. It is a very pleasant view.

The water color seems like orange juice at times. Don’t know if it’s for pollution or just the sun. During my teenage years, till I was 16 1 used to go to Sardinia Cafe. Still if I ever go back to visit my parents once a year during winter break around Christmas time that is the one place where I hang out with my close friends. My uncle and two of his friends started this cafe when they were in college. ‘Sardinia’ means flute in Bangle. Primarily it was a music themed cafe, every 2nd and 4th Friday of each month the cafe has open mimic concert. My uncle’s appreciation for music and him being a musician he enjoys doing such hangs very much.

Sardinia Cafe has an enriched plastic of folk songs. There are 6 couches and 14 sofa chairs and 5 coffee table. The interior of this cafe is very traditional. All the couches and the Sofa chairs are made out of the fabric, “Change print”. It is the Bangladesh cousin of Scottish plaids. Since the cafe was established in 2004, one person was always there to serve our food, snack, coffee or the special 5 layered tea he makes with the biggest smile on his face with his pearl white teeth. He is our beloved “Ram Kaka” (kaka’ means uncle in Bangle).

I still remember the day gave him the news about coming to the US for school. He hugged me and asked me ‘Why? Is it because my special 5 layered tea and snacks are not good enough for you? Just don’t forget to get me new recipes and tea flavors! ” then he shed couple tears and mentioned some memories from my childhood as he have been close to our family for last 40 years. This December when I went back home I saw him with glasses on; after all these years finally he got glasses. He is 63 years old and still has the health of a 30 year old young man, head full of hair, perfect skin, full of energy.