The bible states that God made us in his own likeness, but he also made us unique and unlike any one else and for this reason there are times when we disagree. Conflict is a part or fact of life and it is experienced everyday in our lives. It exists because of a lack of respect or trust for one another’s view or needs and persons need to realize that our views and opinions will differ from others. Oxford Dictionary states that, “conflict is a serious disagreement or argument; it is also defined as an incompatibility between opinions, principles, etc. In order to complete the ark requirements in order to operate a business, relations between groups and or their respective members are often necessary. This is done in order to accomplish the organization’s goals and objectives, and as a result conflict can occur. Conflict acts as an antidote for corruption, this is where different. It doesn’t allow the group passively to approve decisions that may be based on weak assumptions, inadequate consideration of relevant alternatives and or other debilities. Functional conflict is considered positive as it enhances performance and identifies weaknesses.

It is also considered to be constructive when it improves the quality of decisions, stimulates creativity and innovation, encourages interest and curiosity among group members, provides the medium through which problems can be aired and tensions released, and promotes an environment of self-evaluation and change. Conflict is encouraged by the interactions approach on the basis that a cooperative group that is harmonious, peaceful and tranquil, is able to become stagnant, boring, and unresponsive to needs for change and innovation.

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This approach encourages group leaders to maintain an ongoing minimum level of conflict keeping the group creative, self critical and doable. An example of group conflict is the Types of Conflict There are two (2) types of conflict namely:- Functional Dysfunctional. Functional conflict results in positive benefits to individuals, a group, or the organization whilst dysfunctional conflict is confrontation or interaction between groups that harms the organization or hinders the achievement of goals or objectives.

Causes of Group Conflict One of the most important reasons for group conflict is the nature of the group. Other reasons may be goal differences, personality clashes, immunization, to name a few. Reclassification of job descriptions, reorganization of the workplace along with the integration of services and facilities can be stressful to workers and create negative conflict as also individuals within groups that have inherent traits or social histories that impact group conflict.

The effects of conflict, whether functional or dysfunctional, can be far-reaching. Functional conflict creates positive outcomes, creates trust among employees and the organization. It increases the involvement of those who view the subject of the conflict as important ND stimulates new ideas and suggestions for your business. Employees can grow and learn from each experience with functional conflicts.

Below are some that can cause conflict in an organization: Differences of opinions Different goals Different behavior Language Territory Religion Culture Politics Ethnicity or race Advantages of Functional Conflict Advantages of functional conflict can:- Lead to new ideas Stimulate creativity Motivate change Promote organizational vitality Help individuals and groups establish identities Lead to better communication and understanding of both sides Example of a Positive Conflict An example of conflict is not only a positive force, but is absolutely necessary for effective group performance can be seen in Fig. Where school-aged children from two (2) different schools who were at odds came together to send a message for peace. Fig. 1 Source -Jamaica Observer website Solutions to Group Conflict Any solution method to be used depends on why the conflict occurred, the seriousness of the conflict, and the type. A face-to-face meeting can be very effective as relevant issues can be discussed and information revealed in order to reach amicable solutions. Avoidance will not work in all cases as the source of the conflict will still be present.

Conclusion Nina group setting conflict is absolutely necessary for group performance in that it promotes new ideas, stimulates creativity and innovation of workers, motivate changes in order to obtain the goals and objectives of the organization. The most effective groups will be subjected to conflict at times or feel conflict prone at times and this is for a good reasons. High performers are naturally competitive and groups which comprises of high performing individuals are naturally subject o contradictory tensions such as trust and awareness, cooperation and rivalry.