In at least one paragraph, which of these two career paths is more interesting to you? In your response, be sure to address the following: factors that influenced your choice, like family concerns, housing or finances how your choice may change over time how this career path compares to the future job you had in mind before the survey Two career paths that are more interesting to me is radiology and anesthesiology. What factors my choice would definitely be my family.

I know hey want me to be successful and think something along the medical field would be great. My choice may change over time depending on what am doing with my life at the time. All my life vive set my head to be a pharmacist but this year I was so unstable with my career choice. Almost to the point where was freaking out. I’m currently working at a retail place and it changed what I want to do with my life. Don’t want a boring job behind a counter all day. So I’m still thinking about my career and it’s scary coming closer to radiation.

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In at least one paragraph, how do the potential costs and benefits of each career path affectedly choice? Potentials cost and benefits of each career path affects my choice because the amount of income will be making depends on how much can spend. It will benefit me by saving more, but will have to lessen what would like to buy. If I get a higher paying job with a higher degree then I will be able to spend money on what want to. I could afford to eat out more than would with a lower paying job.