I told myself, ‘This is high school, try to make your Enron year best out of it! ” I started to get into trouble with the law, and had bad grades in some of my classes. My counselor called me out of class one day when I was in athletic. After have a short little meeting with my counselor, she told me that I wasn’t going to graduate high school if kept doing badly in my classes. I went home and told my mom what my counselor had told me. During this point of my life, my lovely mother taught me a treasured and powerful lesson of being responsible for my own acts.

The first thing needed for myself was to arrive at the party with drinks, ND alcohol. I couldn’t party without drinks I needed beer to get me savage for the night. The party was hosted by Willie at his dad’s ranch. The ranch had tall grass on the field, and an old house behind the wooden area. The old house was rusty, sitting side way, and the windows were broken too. Also there were some old school cars just parked in the woods getting all rusty, and old ranch tractors. I brought my football teammates with me every time would go party, they were my body guards.

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My teammates were Joe, Henry, Willie and Marco. We all played together on the varsity football team. Joe was one of the top running backs in the nation. Joe was 18 years old, muscular, tall African American and his position was running back. Henry was 18 years old, really skinny, tall, Hispanic and his position was kicker. Willie was 19 years old, chubby, tall, Hispanic and his position was quarterback. Marco was younger than all of us 1 7 years old, muscular, tall, white, and his position was linebacker. We would all play, “Beer Pong’ and that game would get us really drunk.

It was the fun part of the party. Some random chicks would join our game and get wasted with us for the night. The party was at Willie dad’s ranch in Rose City, Texas. It was deep in the country, all I could smell was burned wood, and I could see a lot of smoke going to air from few miles away. Also, could hear a lot Of animals growling like goats, dogs, horses, pigs and chickens. Felt like was in the middle of the woods surrounded with tons of animals. It was three O’clock in the morning, I’m on my way back home with my teammates from the party. I was drunk, and I decided to drive my parents’ car.

When I started to drive, all I could see was blurry lights in my eyes. I Hough I was becoming blind or something was wrong with me. Kept looking at myself in the middle mirror of the car, to see if had anything in my eyes. I got on 130 highway heading home. I was swerving and switching lanes while cars were next to my lane. I almost crashed into a SUB. A car that was right behind me took a picture of my parent’s car, license plate, then called 911. People were that saw me swerving on the highway they flashed their high beam headlights. Was getting mad because they kept doing and it bothered my eyes while I was driving.

A couple miles away from where people took picture of my parents’ car license plate, a state trooper officer turned his sirens and the lights on. The officer pulled me over to the side of the road on the highway. When saw the officer walking toward to my parent’s car, I got really scared to death, and area close to cry. My heart was pounding really fast like I Was going have a heart attack. Immediately, the state trooper started to ask me tons of questions. First, he asked me what my name was, and where I was coming from. Then he said, “Have you been drinking? ” I replied, “No, sir. With my words shaking. Officer aid, “l can smell alcohol coming out of your mouth. ” Officer said, “Please step out of the car. ” When the officer told get out of the car, was scared because I didn’t know what they would do to me. The officer called for a backup to come and help him out with my teammates that were in the car. Six more police officers showed up with their lights on and got off of the car quickly. They all walked to my parents’ car. Each officer had one of my teammates and asked questions. After he had called for a backup, the officer did me a breathalyzer test.

Meanwhile, the officer said, “You are over the influence and o are under arrested. ” I was charged with a DID. The officer put me in the back of his car, and I saw my teammates getting arrested too. One person went in each police officer car, and then officer brought in a K-9 dog to see if we had any drugs with us. Next, heard the officer calling a tow truck to come pick up my parents’ car. A couple of minutes, later had arrived too local city jail. The officer that works at the station had booked me in. She took me a mug shot of me, and had a small board on my hands.

On the board that had in my hands said, my name, and the date of birth. After I was arrested by the state trooper, I was really scared because didn’t want my parents to find out what just had happened to me. I was speechless when I had to call my parents from jail. Had missed a week of school, and my football head coach kept calling my parents to see where I was. Coach asked ‘Why your son hasn’t been showing up to school. ” My parents had told him that I was still in jail, explained him what had happened. Few days later I came back to school from the biggest mistake I’ve done in my life.

On the day I went back to school, my football coach had just kicked me out of the team. He made me clear out my locker, while I was cleaning out my locker I had looked around, and I had seen my teammate’s locker that were with me that night. Their locker were clean out, and they didn’t have their name tag at all either. Was supposed to get a scholarship, but then I ruined everything. Coach said, “Mr.. Ventura, I’m really sad for the acts you did, and you will not be receiving a scholarship anymore. ” Joe, was the biggest star on our football team. He was being scouted by multiple football coaches, from big universities.