Behavior with one another can change opinions of a person very rapidly. On one side, there’s my mom, the lecturer, who’s always the direct kind of person. She normally doesn’t beat around the bushes, and comes straight to the point; even though it’s something that’s awkward or you usually don’t say in public. Another thing I’ve noticed is that when my mom’s mad, the whole house seems bothered and annoyed. When he’s happy, the atmosphere around her is tranquil. Everyone seems to get along with everybody.

It’s just like our worlds rotate around her; our attitude depends on her state of being. Then, there’s my dad. If he ever behaves extremely nice, it indicates that a guilt trip is heading my way. He’ll take me through a whole hour of feeling sorry and wrong. Also, whether he’s busy or not, he doesn’t pay attention to anybody. Anybody but his mom, that is. When you ask a question like, ‘What do you want for lunch? ” he’ll say, “I’m fine. Both of my parent’s behavior, though is alike in a way.

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I always find them comparing me to other children when get a bad score on my tests. Actions are also a major difference I see between both my parents. My mom doesn’t give me choices, because she usually makes my decisions for me. Don’t think I didn’t try protesting. Due to the strict rules my mom established in our house, don’t have a chance to. Besides, even if I do, things won’t turn out nice. On the other hand, my dad, my soul mate, gives me lots of opportunities.

If he ever becomes furious, he’s screaming and tearing the house down in another language, but the next minute, Hess sitting with me and apologizing for whatever hurt he caused. That’s the kind of person my dad is. His expectation from me is to be a good person, but at the same time, he also wants me to be the best. The last notable difference in both of my parent’s parenting styles are the consequences they give. If I’m stuck in a situation with my mom, well, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to see her unpleasant side.

She’ll snatch away y privileges, so that all I have is a boring reading book, and a ton of chores. Whereas, if I’m stranded in circumstances with my dad, he’ll threaten me, but he won’t do it. For example, the other night, when I was in trouble with my dad, he tried to frighten me by saying he would throw away my entire One Direction collection. Luckily, he didn’t. Despite all these differences, both parenting styles at their root are only for the best. Knowing each parenting style has its own differences and similarities, I’d rather prefer my dad’s because of his soft and fair nature.