Struck offered customs r service that CDC trudged with and offered a new and exciting brand to younger customers. H forever, the 50% higher prices at Struck was a turnoff to younger customers who were very loyal the the CDC brand. The strategic issue of this case is how Cafe Coffee Day should manage its business strategy in order to compete with Struck entering the Indian coffee market Strategic Analysis Porters five forces of industry competition serve as an excellent tool for exam inning the industrialized competitive environment for CDC.

Threat of new entrants is real vilely high as they have been faced by Struck, Costa, Lava, and more. They are however the market leaders in India and one of the largest exporters of coffee in the country. Lead ins to the rivalry among competitors in the industry which is medium, contingent to the .NET range of Struck. CDC currently has 40% of the market. The bargaining power of sup pliers is low, as CDC produces its own coffee and therefore does not face any issue.

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