Vintage Environment: The coffee shop would have an exotic environment, completed with antique Tyler furnishings, silver-plated English cutlery and elegant drapes. This would definitely attract the up-scale clientele. The walls would be adorned with artwork. There can be a dedicated wall, where young promising artists might display their artwork. Loyalty awards: The most consistent customers (visiting the shop for consecutively 7 days, for example) will get coffee-mugs as incentives. Vigorously trained, friendly and professional staff.

Private meeting spaces: There will be partially isolated corners in area, which could be reserved or rented on an hourly basis. In case of no reservations, the space will be utilized to cater the regular customers. Market Segmentation: Our target market mainly consists of affluent professionals and white-collar workers looking for a quiet place to relax and rejuvenate themselves after a tiring day; retired personnel who want to sit back and enjoy their leisure time sipping their favorite beverage; and students who need a break from their studies or a cool place to hangout.

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Market Research: Coffee shops or cafes have become extremely, popular, promising and reductive business option during the past few years (Plans. Co. UK, 2015). Apparently, there is strong competition in the market, with a number of established coffee franchises like Cataracts, Costa Coffee, The Coffee Bean, and many others ruling the market. However, these offer virtually similar and generic type of beverages, which bore the adventure-seeking and up-scale consumers.