Today, there is a mad rush to build high-rise buildings and commercial establishments at the expense of destroying the environment. Largely, the beauty and integrity of the environment or nature is threatened. If I were the official concerned on this matter, I would have another group of chemist to inspect and investigate the place to revalidated the previous results conducted by the first chemists to be considered whether it is unsafe for swimming and to make necessary recommendations on its cause depending on the results.

If the findings reveal that the water is indeed polluted and unsafe for swimming, then would launch a campaign to halt any activities in the said area which contributed to the problem in order to reduce or lessen the volume of microorganisms present in the beaches for it to be safe again. I would encourage everyone to participate in this campaign for the benefit of the community so that the tourists will continue to visit the island without fear.

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Its inevitable that some people in the area would resist the proposed campaign since their livelihood and their interests will be affected. In order to make them understand the dangers of high volume of chloroforms in the water in the area, there is a need to conduct and Information and Education Campaign about the effects on these circumstances. Through this, the people will be able to get a better picture about what will happen to them and to heir place if the said problem is left unattended.

Furthermore, I will advocate for the enactment of an ordinance or local legislative policy to govern and regulate the operation of all the beaches in the island. The ordinance must specifically provide for the responsibilities of the beach operators in the island in the maintenance of cleanliness and safety of the place and a prescribe penalty for violation thereof. The ordinance must likewise fix allowable fees and charges within the limitations provided by the law to generate local income which may be used by the ALGAL s one of the sources in the implementation its programs and projects.

This presupposes the payment of license to operate, as a regulatory fee, in the exercise of police power of the Local Government unit concerned. Establishments must conform to Health and Sanitary requirements and must secure an Environmental Compliance Certificate from the Department Of Environment and Natural Resources (EDEN) before the City/Municipal Building Office permits the construction and the City/Municipal Engineering Office must strictly supervise and inspect the course of construction if all requirements have been followed.

Through this initiative, the place will be restored and its income will be augmented as tourist will keep on coming on the island making the place popular Case Study #2 Wanted: Dead Heroes If were Rick, being the person in authority to check all the vehicles, I will do my best to negotiate in a manner not hurting any person even Colonel Alonzo and his men. Informing them that what they have done is illegal and unbecoming of being a public servant. As person in-charge, should implement my duties and responsibilities in order to prevail what is being mandated by law as no person is higher than the laws.

Colonel Alonzo should e reminded of his duty to uphold the law more so that he is a military official. The cutting down of trees in the forest has been due to the fact that most of the mountains has already been denuded which lead to the occurrence of natural calamities such as falsehoods and landslides. These natural calamities destroyed many lives and properties of many. It also gives problem to our government in helping the victims of said calamities. Thus, I will not allow Colonel Alonzo to pass because they have no permit and it is illegal.

Being a public official, I believe he will understand that I’m just performing my duty. Then I will report the incident to the proper authorities who are more knowledgeable on the matter at hand. Case Study #3 What Else Can I Do? I agree with Galena’s convictions to report things to Senator Meringue and the Media. Whistle blowing is an act in which a certain person reports an anomaly to the authorities. It has been practiced by people over the years. Most of them are government e employees who repartitioning in their respective offices.

Reason for this weightlessness is to ask protection inattention from the people and the media. This weightlessness occurs in both private and government organizations. Weightlessness always face the consequences of their actions such as different lawsuits and termination frothier respective works. Civil servants took an oath that he should report every anomaly in his office. It is part of historical convictions to expose corrupt officials in his office. Non- report of these anomalies can bookbinderies as unethical and most of the time, the civil servants themselves were tagged in ethicalness.

There are several processes in the government that are detrimental to the public since it was transacted under the table. Most officials serve as accomplices to these rimes while their subordinates, the civil servants, as instruments. For the sake of “Pakistan” or fear of retaliation from their bosses, some civil servants are forced to obey whatever their chief aerodromes. In the military, there’s a principle of obey first before you complain. However, after the Vietnam War, it was revised on the military philosophy that commands must be reviewed first oversimplifying into action.

The same goes on with different organizations. Unfortunately, most complaints by the “little guys” are disregarded by the society and no actions will be taken while the hostellers gain nothing from reporting such wrongful acts. This made them doubt anything twice before taking actions on the matter. However, it is their duty to do such. One resort made by weightlessness is to go to the media. With media attention, it will also contravention to the populace which pressures the authorities concerned to take an action.

While it sister that most media fabricate some parts of the news due to their individual biases and that their main purpose is to earn profit, reporting things to media yield a lot of benefit for disestablishes. The knowledge of the populace itself bout the situation will secure the person. Reporting matters to an elected official is not a very wise decision for any whistler’s because the politician itself might be a conspirator on the anomaly which you are about to expose-Another thing is that these politicians will use the scandal to elevate their status and popularization the people to gain votes for the elections.

On the other hand, if that elected politician is inadequate or is an authority on that matter, for example in this case, the environment, it is right torpor the anomalies to them because they were the ones who can really take an action. Case Study #4 Pick Me Up This case of Ronnie is a normal incident in most if not all Of the government institution. People oftentimes gave money to the public or government employees as a form of gratitude for a job done or tube accomplished. If I was in Rennin’s shoes, I will return the money to Ms.

Santos because know that being a government employee accepting money is a prohibited act. It is very unethical for a government employee to receive any amount from the people whom served because being a public servant it is my duty and obligation to setup the people to the best of my ability as well as to perform y responsibility with all my heart without expecting any amount in return. I will just explain to Ms. Santos the reason why cannot accept the money. I will explain to her that I know she is just happy and satisfied of my performance but despite that it is not necessary to reward me with money.

I bet she will understand. Moreover, will tell her also that it is my responsibility to serve her being a public servant. Furthermore, will thank her for the offer and appreciate her kind act of gratitude. I that instance, I can make her realize that what she had done is prohibited which later on curtail the same act to there government employees. Finally, as mandated by law, public Officials and employees shall not accept, directly or indirectly, any gift, gratuity, favor, entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value from any person in the course of their official duties.

Case Study #5 Bring Home Office Goodies A government property should be utilized properly whether it’s just a simple office supply. Using government properties in any form for personal is not proper. The government purchased those supplies, which came from public funds sourced from the taxpayer, not for the employee’s used but official equines only. In the case given, I would take Cynthia side. The act of Emmy was a form of stealing government property because it does not belong to her. Bringing home office supplies to be used for personal interest is obviously unethical and unbecoming.

This may gave wrong perceptions of all the government officials or employees. People who have knowledge of an employee doing such thing will make wrong conclusions or generalizations on government employees. As mentioned in R. A 6713 that public officials and employees shall utmost devotion and dedication to the duty. Finally, a overspent employee has the responsibility to take care of every government property and utilize them properly for public interest and not for personal one. Case Study #6 More Than Just Casinos If something is legal it doesn’t mean that it is automatically moral.

There are things that are legal but are immoral. That is because there is a big difference between legal and moral. When talk of morality, it is based on an internal and possibly external sense of what is right Oregon. Legality simply refers to acts that conform to the law. And aside from that morality is based on an individual’s beliefs and not the law. On the given example, PASTOR, like the Lotto and sweepstakes symbolize gambling. It is legal because it is allowed by the government. And the revenues it remitted to the government help a lot in building schools as well as in otherness’s of the government.

And aside from that, it has helped lot Of sick people in determination and hospitalizing. It also extends help to victims of calamities. Those are someone the reasons that make it legal and that the government allowed it to operate. But we cannonaded the fact that it symbolizes gambling. And gambling has stroked many lives and housebroken many families. It is a game of chance that people bet even the last money in their hallucinates they believe that if they will win, they will get their money in many folds. Indeed it asocial ill. Yes, lotto and sweepstakes is legal, but since the symbolize gambling, it is immoral.

This is a best example that tells us that if some thing is legal, it does not automatically mean it’s moral. Case Study #7 1 Can Afford Anyway The law states that public officials and employees and their families shall lead modest lepidopterist to their positions and income. They shall not indulge n an extravagant displayed wealth in any form. Guided by this rule, I don’t agree with the employee’s opinion regarding the dress code of SC. Since she is a government employee, it is her obligation to abide with Thelma. Though it is true that she can afford to buy expensive jewelries but still it is not proper tower them in reporting to work.

This might create wrong perceptions on the people outsourcing her. People around are very observant Of those who are working in governmentally. They are aware of how much the government employees are receiving every month-And sometimes they do make judgments on the employees based on what they see. Dismantled to public service degradation. So to maintain a good image as a public servant or as government employee, it is proper to follow the dress code as mandated by the SC. The jewelries and other expensive materials can be used in some other occasions anyway.

Case Study #8 Gifts Galore Giving of gifts is a sign of gratitude. And refusing a gift offered or given is an insult to the giver . There are reasons why we receive and we give gifts. Giving gifts is a kind act and as a result digestives happiness to the receiver regardless of the amount of the gift given. This is an act that expatriated so much by anybody. Since gift giving is a kind act, there is nothing wrong with this,but if the gift IS given in exchange for a favor that is asked or for a task that was comprehensibility’s if it is given to a government employee is no longer good. It is unethical.

Josses is right. Though the gift given to Adele were just nominal but if she has to combine all the gifts serviced ifs a large amount already. Through this act, the people will think that the gifts wrigglier as payment for what she did for them. And next time, if these people will ask oviform her again, she cannot refuse because of the gifts that were given to her. And the postseason why accepting gifts is improper it’s because the law states that public officials and employees shall not solicit or accept directly or indirectly any gifts, gratuity, favor,entertainment, loan or anything of monetary value.

Public employees should do their duties that is to serve the people for free because they are well-paid by the government for that. Case Study #9 “For Official Use Also” If happen to chance upon a government service vehicle parked in a place here least expect government official may transact business with, the first thing that I will do is to think teammate the government official using the government vehicle just drop by from an efficaciousness transaction near that place.

But if I happen to see it twice or more, then will try town the reasons why the vehicle is parked there. Since am aware that government voicelessly be used for official business transactions only and not for personal business of course Eave to inform the proper authorities of it so that this wrong act of government officials will bestowed. Aside from that, this may serve as warning also to the other government officials where using the government vehicles for personal interest.

Government vehicles are sphygmomanometer which is issued to government officials to make and perform their task and to serviette people in a fast manner and not to be used in their personal matters. These should be suede’s public interest and not for personal interest. Case Study He Does, I Do* A government official or employee should always possess the spirit Of professionalism anyway. One way of showing it is by reporting to work on mime. A government employee shoulder very conscious of the time; they should utilize the time well.

It is not good to see multiprocessing to office for work late, and then once he arrives in the office the people who need hisser-vice are already waiting for him. It is very embarrassing and very disgusting. In the situational, Roy is right when he said that his boss should not be exempted from the policymakers for the late comers since like him his boss always come to work late also. But he growing when he made the distance of his house from his office. As an employee, it s histrionically to report to office on time.