How many times have you gone out to a store, and not see chocolate? Whether it’s chocolate with almonds, Heresy’s, Snickers, Kit Kate, M&M’s and/ or Crunch, it is everywhere right? But does that mean that chocolate is the best? You might not see vanilla very much on candy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as good. Chocolate and vanilla have been the most popular flavors since forever as the top 2, but think that only one of those two should be the best. Research shows that 60% of the people love vanilla, while only 30% of the people prefer chocolate, with left for strawberry.

And why is that? It’s because vanilla is better, it goes with everything! For ice-cream, you always want to add things so it won’t be too plain, but unfortunately adding things to chocolate ice-cream will make it too sugary, making your chocolate loose its taste. However, with vanilla ice-cream, you can add anything you want, such as strawberry, blueberries, raspberries, and/or others! You can also add some Ore cookies or some other types without having to worry about having too much sugar in your dessert! Now that’s a reason that makes vanilla better than chocolate.

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Secondly, know you might think chocolate is the best cause it comes from plants that are only in certain parts of the world, and that’s what makes chocolate special right? I wouldn’t be so sure about that. I know you think that vanilla’s not even chocolate because it doesn’t contain cocoa beans, and that’s partially true, but did you know that vanilla actually comes from a certain plant, too? A plant called an orchid? Vanilla is made from vanilla beans, like chocolate is made of cocoa beans. That’s what makes them different. So vanilla is chocolate, white chocolate that’s made with vanilla beans.

Not just because it doesn’t have cocoa beans means it’s not chocolate. Exactly how chocolate contains cocoa beans from a limited number of plants in the world, vanilla also contains vanilla beans that come from a limited resource. Since white chocolate doesn’t have cocoa beans, it is juicer in calories, but milk/dark chocolate can always add up to the same amounts if you don’t watch yourself. But the fact that you can’t have as much white chocolate as you could milk or dark chocolate is precisely what makes you enjoy your white chocolate with even more enthusiasm.

You can’t have as much. Now lastly, lets look at the ingredients used to make chocolate. So you say that chocolate contains cocoa beans? Well. .. What else does chocolate have? Hem… Lets see, chocolate contains the natural ingredients cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, lecithin, and… Vanilla! Vanilla is needed to create your chocolate and give it more taste! Isn’t vanilla the best? Not only can it go on everything, but most of your desserts and other foods require vanilla to be able to enhance more flavor. Without vanilla many foods would be tasteless!

You’ve got to acknowledge that vanilla is good at least, and give it a try. Instead of getting milk/dark chocolate next time you go to the store, aim for some vanilla chocolate. Now don’t go along getting the cheapest bars you can find, because cheap is not always the best. Whether it’s ice-cream, cake, or candy, look for the best. For white chocolate, I don’t recommend getting the plain white chocolate, but instead, go for the ivory like colored white chocolate. Manufacturers have been altering the amounts of the ingredients they put in white chocolate, so you may have tried some of their false chocolate.

They have also been substituting some ingredients like cocoa utter for vegetable oil or some other fats, to reduce their expenses to the slightest, and produce extra, forgetting to care about the richness of their products. So look closely at the chocolates you purchase and select the finest. Finally, have you now seen the qualities of white chocolate? These are the motives for why chocolate is my beloved choice. Like all chocolates, but none are superior to vanilla. It fits almost every. Inhere, in everything. It’s the most popular flavor used.