Because encapsulation is a continuous process. Correct: The Correct Answer is: C. 2. If you accept only your encapsulated notions of the world without thinking critically about them , you become a: A. Logical Convert Logical influence Logical egoist Logical theistic 3. Ego defense mechanisms are psychological coping strategies that distort reality to: Help us understand why we do the things we do. Protect ourselves from bad feelings. Keep us from becoming irrational. Keep us from hurting anyone. The Correct Answer is: B. 4.

Ego defense mechanisms are barriers to critical thinking because They portray pleasant realities for everyone. They distort reality. They distort our pleasant lives. They are probably rooted in arguments. 5. The captain of a cruise ship, that sank in the Indian Ocean, was asked why he left his ship in a lifeboat while hundreds of passengers were still on board replied, “The order to abandon ship applied to everyone, and once the order is given it does not matter when the captain leaves. ” This is an example of: Denial Rationalization

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Projection Self-serving biases 6. To assume that your group has richness and diversity of its members, but assume that all other groups are alike is an example of Stereotyping Self-serving bias Projecting The Correct Answer is: A. Not all emotions should be avoided as blocks to clear thinking and insight. There is nothing wrong with our enthusiasm for our friends, family, or even for our political and moral views. However, emotions can become a hindrance to critical thinking when: We allow our emotions to suggest unwarranted conclusions.

Enables us to determine the causes of our stress thus becoming more Of a critical thinker. 9. The tendency to engage in ego defense and self -serving biases should decrease as our psychological health increases because: People who are healthy always own up to the totality of who they are, either positive or negative. People who are healthy are more able up to accept the totality of who they are, either positive and negative. People who are healthy always accepts personal fault. People who are healthy are never threatened by the success of others.