The one thing I liked about Kaolin was though he had many difficulties while starting up his business he was able to think in a different manner how Others might not hind and made his business successful. Kaolin inspired me through his leadership skill and the way he thought like no others would think which made realize that was put in a similar situation back home. Used to do the accounts of my friend’s business and he used to tell me how the business is going and asked for help because the business was going in a loss.

He was and still is the leading karate institute in ABA Dhabi, IS. A. E and is one of the first karate institute to open up in LLC. A. E. When I learned more about his business I understood why was the company going ender loss, they had never increased the price of the services they provided since 2004 so I told him to increase the price same as the other karate institutes in the locality. It wasn’t easy to just one fine day increase the price so I suggested that we can do a survey in which we ask for his students suggestions.

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Surprisingly the students said that this is the only institute that ask for suck low price for the services they provide and they told that they would be willing to pay more because they were the best in the whole of ABA Dhabi. As a result of the suggestion he was able to bring it back to profit and penned 3 new branches more. Like Kaolin was able to think differently and was able to help my friend. Kaolin had a variety of ideas regarding exporting; his friend suggested an idea which involved exporting overseas made in Europe junk cars.

Kaolin did his research and found out that the idea suggested by his friend was expensive. As a result of his Bulgarian culture Kaolin came up with the idea of importing cheese and he concluded that this product can sell itself in some communities. With this idea he went to many investors seeking to finance his business idea and decided to work by himself after receiving no help from NY investors. After he decided to start up the business by himself, he received financial help from his family and friends.

With this help he was able to make his first order of cheese. Kaolin was running the business and living on credit cards and didn’t had the required money for his first investment. According to me if he had told me that he was going to start this business I would have asked him to reconsider because a part of his initial shipment got ruined and he lost his storage facility. This business has a great scope and opportunity after he decides upon product line expansion, website creation ND earning more money out of the business.

It is very impressive how he started his business from nothing to something and am very sure that he will pay of his debts with friends. Considering that he sells his cheese now for $2 per pound he will gradually be able to increase the price because by that time he will have loyal customers for his brand who will buy it even if the price is a bit high. According to me if he wants to expand his business he can do so by gradually increasing the price of the product which will help him expand and pay off his loan quickly.