Method of investigation In order to collect data form the survey, I have decided to use printed questionnaires. This questionnaires as a tool, for collecting data has a number of advantages: It requires little time to be completed It can be done at the convenience of person requires to have it completed It guarantees confidentiality since respondent are not required to attach their names. My questionnaires will consist of 20 questions. These question will take the form of multiple choices( )yes and no( ) and open ended question ( Task 4 Instrument used to collect data. Tannins lane, Mat. Secants, Irma. Dear Respondent, My name is Candace Scott. I am a student Of Irma North Secondary (A. N. S). The Caribbean Examination Council {EX.} Social Studies syllabus requires that student is to complete a School Based Assessment {S. B. A}. The topic I have chosen for my {s. B. A} is Marijuana. I am asking for your assistance toward my s. B. A to be completed through the questionnaires. You are advised to answer the following question honest, truthful and in this questionnaire you are not required to write your name. I am looking forward for your kind co-operation. Thank you

Your sincerely Candace Scott write in the space provided as the case may be. ‘ (1) Do you use Marijuana? Yes No (2) Does anyone uses marijuana in your community? If your answer to question 2 is yes, how often do they use it Everyday Every 2-3 day every 2 month Once a week every fortnight once a month (3) Is marijuana easily available in your community? (4) How long have you been using marijuana? 1 year year 1 month 5-7 year 6-9 month never use it (5) Do you think marijuana should be legalized? F your answer is yes to question (5) give a reason for your answer, the in space provided. 6) Do you think limiting the use of marijuana intrudes on personal freedom? Yes No If yes give a reason for your answer . (7) What do you think is the most suitable cause, why people sell marijuana? Want to fit in Want to earn respect Because of Restrain beliefs peer pressure (8) What are some causes why people in your community used marijuana? To cope with home problem Want to try it like other Brain damage (9) What are some causes of marijuana? Change in behavior Lung cancer Loss of weight (10) Which of the following are causes why people in your community try marijuana?

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Because of curiosity Lack of parental guidance TO help cope with home problem Other If other please specifies:- . (11) What some physical effect of marijuana? Leads to lung cancer Loss of concentration Dizziness Hair loss (12) What are some effects Of marijuana? Eng Irritation Loss of physical memory Red eyes (13) Did marijuana have an influence change in your body or life? Yes If yes please specify: NO (14) What is the change marijuana brought to your life? Turn to a theft Behave violently Becomes vagrants No change that all (15) (16) What procedures can be done to help stop the use of marijuana? 17) Which law should be enforced to stop the illegal planting/buying of marijuana? Charged $1 0,000 if caught with it Sentenced for (5) years in jail for planting it (2) Years for community service If other please specifies: you think the Government should banned marijuana? Yes -n If yes give a reason for your answer: DO No . (1 8)Have using marijuana caused you legal problem as like being arrested? Yes No (19) Do you think the Government should take serious action toward people using marijuana? Yes (20) Do you think the Government should take serious action toward people using marijuana?