The current downturn of the business and the rapidly rising prices of gas and electricity are focusing the company to find ewe ways of reducing and minimizing energy costs and the effect of price increase towards its operations. Introduction Fuel and Energy efficiency are a type of thermal efficacy. This means that the efficiency of processes that convert the potential off chemical energy in fuel carrier to work or kinetic energy. Energy efficiency means the use of low level of energy in the provision of the same energy service. Tumble is faced with the challenge of increased cost from the escalating gas and fuel prices.

It has to find ways to minimize costs and impact of fuel prices to its operations. If endings Tumble has succeeded in improving energy efficiency. It has established the use of retro-fits that are simple and quick. The company has also adopted the use of low-energy bulbs and dimming lighting of hallways at day time. The low-costs policies of the company in turning down electricity and maintaining cleanliness have resulted to major savings. As an office building, the energy consumption rate is as follows 25% heating, 27% cooling, 18% lighting, 30% office equipment, 8% ventilation and 1 % cooking.

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Despite of the improved energy efficiency strategies that Tumble software has used, there is still need o generate ways of dealing with the increasing costs of fuel and gas prices and how these escalating cost impact on the company’s processes Conclusion The soaring prices of gas and fuel are likely to make Tumble software to face serious business operations problem. This rising costs of gas prices are also likely to pass the prices to its customers, and this will make the businesses lose its customers, sacrifice profit margins or absorb costs. The price of gasoline determines the impact of gas prices.

It is essential for Tumble software to determine the factors that lead to high level of power institution. This can be done through increasing awareness on the need to save energy among employees. This is a method that involves changing employee behavior, altering process and buying efficient equipments that will cut down waste. Reduction of carbon emissions will require the company to follow strict grants and regulations to reduce its impact to the environments. Transportation is also another aspect that will require this company to train its staff members on efficient driving techniques that reduce energy spending.

Recommendations The company has to generate new ways that support and encourage the involvement of staff members in energy efficiency. Tumble software needs to establish options of offsetting and reducing the emission of carbon dioxide. The company has to have feasible sources for renewable energy and other benefits. The company has to have a schedule for long term and short-term measures of saving energy. The company can also consider other measures that aim at establishing sustainable business strategy such as the management of waste, transportation and water conservation and product packaging.