That is what I find to be most important about being president, acknowledging that this is a program made up of many members, not just the resident, vice president, and other officials. If you were to vote for me as president, I promise to strive to lead to the best Of my abilities. This would include making sure that everyone’s ideas are heard and the best one’s put into action. Believe that I demonstrate positive leadership qualities that would make me the best choice as president. Not only am I outspoken, but I also know when to listen.

I have been told that I communicate well with others and am easy to talk to. I like taking on extra responsibilities, so as president, leading the meetings, interacting with adults, and being heavily involved in planning events is something that would put much effort into and enjoy. Am involved in many clubs and groups at Maine West such as Pi Sigma Pi, Voice for the Nameless, and the Westerner. My goal as president will be to make next year the best it possibly can while giving back to Maine West and the community.

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NASH is something that we all want to look back on as an accomplishment that we not only worked hard for, but also enjoyed. I believe that as president we can accomplish this together. Mango Sunny Let me introduce myself without making my identity known! A strange task, but nonetheless, another task to complete. Since you are reading this, you must be aware that I am running for NASH President. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read what an anonymous fellow has to say about himself. Allow me to Start Off with my academic achievements.

I am near the top of our class, in terms of GAP and have a schedule packed with 3 AP classes and 2 accelerated classes. My ACT scores always start the with a 3 (and end with another digit! ). I have been an honor roll student since 4 grade and have maintained that level of diligence. So how exactly does knowing how to integrate a velocity function or writing an essay in Spanish help me as a deader? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t. But I hope Vie showed you that I am responsible enough to juggle multiple difficult classes successfully.

But what really does help me as a leader is my experience in the wide array of clubs and activities I am in. I am a Junior Leader, Warrior Pride Mentor, Student Ambassador, and most importantly, a good looking person. I’m involved in the music department as a section leader, am the captain of a club, president of another activity, and again, I’m a good looking person. To add, I am also a very vocal person. I voice my opinions in an eloquent manner, both in paper ND speech, and am never afraid of saying what’s on my mind. Involvement’ is easy- all you need to do is show up and go through the motions. But dedication- the desire to give your all into an activity and making sure that your mark is left and the community flourishes as a result- is what it all comes down to. Have attained leadership positions only because of years of hard work and devotion to my craft- I have never lost motivation in what I do. Though I am involved in a lot, am passionate about what I do and am not simply seeking to slap a bunch of activities onto a college application.

As you ay know, politicians tend to make promises that they later find themselves unable to keep. But as President of NASH, will make sure that I keep my promises- that’s what good looking people do! I will keep you up-to-date about everything that is going on; whether it be through Backbone or the announcements, you will always know where and when you will be needed. I will make a plethora of service opportunities available so that you will have no problem completing your community service hours. All information will be up to snuff and readily available for you in an organized and clear fashion. Ill verse all activities and make sure the rest of the executive committee carries out their duties so that you are enjoying being part of NASH. That is all I can promise for now, but in the case that am elected, will do even more. I sincerely hope that you will find me the candidate most qualified for this position because of my intellect, dedication, oratorical skills, experience, and devilishly handsome good looks. I must now give immense props to you, the reader, from the bottom of my heart, for bearing with me for the entirety of this “paragraph. First and foremost, congratulations to all Of you on your acceptance into NASH. Each and every one of you has worked hard to be where you are today. So go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back! Just like you, I know what it feels like to sit at home with Google, Sparseness, Backbone, Wisped, Youth and countless other tabs scattered across our computer screens. Every day is an obstacle; an obstacle filled with Moms, derivatives, LOIS, Spanish vocabulary, physics homework, and the sudden realization that the rest of our homework will just have to wait because ifs too late in the night.

We’ve all worked hard to get the grades we want and excel in scholarship. However, moieties we forget that there is more to NASH than just scholarship. It seems to be held in higher regard over the others. Although important – GAP, class rank, ACT scores, titles, etc. -? they should not dictate who you are. If elected president, I’d like to focus my time strengthening our character, leadership, and service roles at school and in our community. Now, I’d like to have this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself and why believe I’d make a good friend and president this coming year.

First, I believe that organization is one of my major qualities and I think it is key in getting service opportunities scheduled and set for all of us. If each service project is well planned, we will be able to make the most of all our opportunities. Would be more than happy to talk to students, community members and district officials to add to the success of all events planned. I am also involved in numerous clubs and activities, and therefore have become accustomed to managing my time. This quality is vital since senior year will be very busy and demanding for all of us.

However, will not neglect my responsibilities as president. I am also passionate about what NASH has to offer and therefore ill be very inclined and interested in assisting community members who need volunteer support. This means that all events planned will be as fun as possible! Lastly, believe that I am qualified for this leadership position because of my consideration to others and their opinions. The title of this position may be “president” but I believe that there is no main leader of NASH. We all have something great to contribute to this club and will make sure that thoughts, opinions, and concerns are expressed.

I am always friendly and cheerful, so there is no reason anyone should be afraid to speak up. I inanely care about everyone and the success of NASH. But enough about me. Next year is about us. I am determined to do whatever is needed to make next year fun and rewarding for everyone. However, actions speak louder than words. So instead of me rambling on about what I can do for you, our school, and community as your friend and leader: let me show you, next year as your president. Am running for president of the national honor society. I am running for this position because I want to be greatly involved in NASH and all its activities.

I believe I have a strong desire and ability to cooperate with everyone in order o provide customized opportunities that will suit every students personal needs. I want to get closer to you as a colleague and as a friend. We will work hard to make root changes, and with all of your help, we can show everyone who the honor students are and what we can do. CANDIDATES FOR VICE PRESIDENT Even though there’s others running against me for the position of Vice President, I think the best candidate is the one who’s paragraph you’re reading right now. Mine.

Here’s why: love helping others and the feeling of fulfillment get after helping someone out is really powerful. Knowing that I eloped someone, put a smile on their face, or even just became someone they could talk to makes me want to not only run for Vice President of NASH, but make a true impact on the community around us. I have a hectic schedule, but stay on task very well, and stay organized with the help of my sacred planner. If put my mind to something, I can achieve it, and this kind of determination is what hope to bring to this group next year. Loud like share my ideas, as well as take other peoples input, and do my best to carry out their ideas. One of my specific goals would be to work more with other schools on certain NASH community service projects in order to make a bigger impact on more people’s lives. I want to make this a club that everyone wants to become a part of, and enjoys coming to our Monday morning meetings- and we all know how hard that could be. Being the approachable and lovable( like a puppy) person that I am has also given me opportunities to do community service with younger kids, and many other unforgettable experiences.

Giving back to the community is very important, and I hope I can help lead all of you towards doing that. Allow me to begin with congratulating my fellow esteemed scholars with this exceptional opportunity presented before us. It is an honor to be inducted in NASH and as vice president I will recognize this honor. Am easy to talk to and communicate well with others, a vital characteristic of a leader. I will assist the president in making decisions that will affect NASH as a whole. Realize that we all have other commitments to adhere to, but believe that we as a group can make something extraordinary. M empathetic with the fact that junior year has been crazy for all of us as scholars and senior year will be too with college admissions, but as vice president, will ensure a stress-free experience for all f us. I’m outspoken and not afraid to contribute my ideas in a group setting, yet I know the importance of considering others’ ideas to achieve a common goal. A leader is not a dictator and it is important for those in the executive committee to remember that. We must lead by example, and not simply boss others around in the process. If you elect me vice president, will do everything in my power to ensure a successful year for NASH.

NASH is an organization centered upon giving us students the opportunity to initiate service projects in order to give back to our community, and this is a monumental principle that believe every member needs to keep in mind while choosing a vice president or any other position for that matter. During my time at Maine West, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in a variety of activities which have given me the skills needed to effectively lead and organize. Am a member of the music department, a member of Voice for the Nameless, a COACH tutor, a junior leader, and a captain of two varsity sports teams here at Maine West.

In Voice for the Nameless, I have gained invaluable experience working with adults to help organize events with the Chicago Activist Network and Amnesty International. In regards to working with my peers, being a COACH tutor has allowed me to work individually with my fellow students. On the other hand, being involved in the music department and sports has given me a great deal Of experience handling large groups of people. Whether it be patiently listening to any questions or ideas that you may have as an individual, or ensuring that our meetings run smoothly and swiftly (who wants to wake up an extra 30 minutes early for a meeting?! My experience as a leader will prove most valuable in being a successful and effective vice president. Being a captain of not one, but two ports teams has allowed me to become adept at leading, making decisions, taking initiative, managing a large group, and gaining the cooperation of others. Have become familiar with holding the responsibility of not only leading by taking charge, but also to lead by setting an example for my teammates. Dedication is also a very important element to consider when choosing any leader.

Candidates may say that they will do “this” or do “that”, but many will lose interest for NASH a few weeks into the school year. I believe that dedication is what keeps the dynamic of NASH, and the best proof of my dedication would eave to be my academic record. My schedule is packed with all AP and accelerated classes and I rank in the top 3% of our class. As any student knows, academics can be stressful and adding even more on top of that, sports, clubs, and work, makes school even tougher.

I believe it is because Of my never-ending dedication to everything I do that allows me to be successful in academics as well as my extracurricular activities. If chosen as vice president, I will set forth this same dedication to giving back to our community and making NASH more successful than it has ever been before. It s because of our community that I have been given the opportunity to be a part of so many groups and to grow as a leader. I earnestly hope that you will choose me as your next vice president and give me the opportunity to help you give back to our community in some of the greatest ways yet.

Elections are a tricky businesses, because you can never fulfill the needs of everyone you are trying to please. So how would as the Vice President be any better than the people who ran before me? Well that is honestly a matter for you to decide. If I was elected as the UP I would as those before me have, attempt to go with what helps the most people HOWEVER would not forget the ones who weren’t pleased with the initial decision. I would constantly be consulting with the Perez on matters and issues that could be done for those who couldn’t benefit from the choices already made for the NASH members.