And would they be in that same situation? Hialeah was born in Assayer, Reiterate in 1934. He left the monastery at nine y ears old and went to his other relative, who was nicer, but didn’t have enough money to fully us port him. He worked as a cleaner at a local hospital, and while he cleaned up he would listed n to the doctors talk. Later, he took a test to qualify as a full purpose dresser. He would events ally flee his home and become a refugee in the US. Ha Long was born in Vietnam, Ho Chi Mini City in 1943.

He had a wealthy and well educated family. His family supported him to study no blew school in Vietnam; also, he was humble and loved to volunteer. Besides, he got an offer from the Vietnam National University in 1 960, which was one of the top three Universities in Vie team. Unfortunately, the Vietnam War was happening at the same time. The city WA s in a mess and the government announced that anyone above 1 8 needs to be enlisted into the a army. Therefore, a lot of Intelligentsia tried to escape from the war.

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He ended up becoming a refuge e in the US. The causes for immigration were the same for both and their situations were similar. They were both Intelligentsia in their countries. Hialeah was the best dancer and doctor; he was good with he basics of science and Ha Long was a talented student; he was good at Ma thematic and Biology. In addition, Hialeah and Ha Long both flew to the US and went for us rival. Hialeah over came the civil war in Ethiopia as well as Ha Long over came the war in Vi Ethan.

In addition, their son and daughter also graduated from university of Harvard. Hialeah and Ha Long had different lifestyles after they arrived to the US. For Hialeah, he flew to the US with his wife and three kids, as opposed to Ha Long who went to the US alone. Ha Long Went to live with his rich relative in Southern Mississippi after he went to US; e worked in his relative?s shop for a year. He really wanted to finish his degree because he WA s already 1 9 years old.

Therefore, his relative sent him to University of Southern Mississippi, whew re he got his scholarship. He also finished his Masters degree in 1967 and met his wife at t he University of Southern Mississippi; he got married to his wife and had a daughter with her. Besides, Ha Long passed away at ninety years old, therefore he could attend his daughter’s grab tuition and marriage ceremony. In contrast to, Hailer’s life, it was much harder than Ha Longs aft r he moved to US. He didn’t have any relatives to help him out and settled down his entire FAA mill alone.

Luckily, he got a job as a janitor at Wheaton College but he worked there for o only a few months, and then his eyesight started to fail. Eventually, Hailer’s physical condition worsened; he couldn’t work and spent his time in the house. In addition, he was involved in a car accident which led to his early death. Ha Loon’s life was more lucky and stable as pop seed to Hailer’s life which a lot miserable. These are some similarities and differences but the most different was that H i Long had better fortune.

He had a relative supporting his education which led to the completion of his degree in University; also, he became a professor at the University of California Los Nag lees. Therefore, he had a better life after he arrived to the US. On the contrary to Hailer’s life, he had a much more difficult life upon his arrival to the US. He had trouble finding his job; he work De there just for a few months before his eyesight started to fail. In addition, he could not see hi s son graduate from the famous school, the University of Harvard. Brainstorming: Bubble Cluster: Outline: