What most people who don’t work retail quite don’t understand is that its the most dreaded day of the year for employees. I have a dream I plan to accomplish one day and that is to make a documentary of all the chaos that goes on Black Friday and have it available on Nettling for the world to see. Ah, can see it now; will title it “Friday the 13th? HA! BLACK FRIDAY” Queue suspenseful music, now that’s a real horror movie. Did you know there is actually a Black Friday death count website? Yes, a whole site dedicated to Black Friday injuries and deaths. So far there have en 7 death counts and 98 injuries.

To make matters worse, with the retail industry taking over the world Black Friday is no longer on Friday anymore but Thanksgiving evening! One of the happiest holidays of the year that bring families together around the dinner table, and a time to give thanks for everything we have is now ruined. I’m pretty sure Walter started this whole trend and competitors just followed. While families are stuffing their faces with mashed potatoes, ham, turkey, and drinking some Stella Rose, employees that work for large retailers are leaving heir beloved families to deal with another form of animal, crazy Black Friday shoppers.

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First of all, I think I speak for most employees when say we hate every single shopper camping outside of a store. If these people spent that time working instead of building a tent outside of Best Buy, they would be able to afford that TV at regular price. Don’t these people have children or pets to feed, where are your priorities?! We hate these people because they are the very reason we are not home with our families and instead listening to some pep talk from a manager about how to control the herd. Employees prepare for this day all year round physically and emotionally.

Working out, meditating, or praying to keep us from drop kicking certain customers. The amount of ridiculous shoppers triples on this day that you question how they even made it to the store without getting lost. I firmly believe that retail should be allowed to accept tips, if the frozen yogurt lady has a tip jar and I serve my own yogurt, surely, employees should be compensated for dealing with stupidity all day. The worst type of customer on Black Friday is the one who expects top etch service undivided attention when there are obviously a million other people trying to get that same employees attention.

Then when that undivided attention can’t be provided that customer throws a bitchy fit. Threatening your life and your puppies, yes people actually do this. Some even go as far as throwing things at you, hence why employees workout, to dodge shoes with super human reflexes. In the end this customer still ends up buying whatever they came for and just goes home and fills out a store survey about how upset they are but in the end the employee still has a job, and that customer just wasted their time. The next type of dreadful human being is the one that thinks they are too important to wait in the line that wraps around the store.

Comments from these people sound a little like “I’m an old lady, I shouldn’t have to wait in this line. ” Or “Why are these cashiers so slow, don’t they know we have things to do? ” Then these are the same people that cause fights to breakout. They try to be slick and cut the front of the line and then they make the mistake cutting a big scary biker and boom! Man down with a black eye. Then the employees end up being in the middle of a boxing match trying to break these people up. On top of everything the deals for Black Friday can tell you most of them are not even worth it.