Describe Nicholls data and reporting problems. Mac NICHOLS had a huge database in which the information was supplemented by a manual method, which consisted in transcribing several databases from MS Access to different parts spreadsheets dispersed across the organization. The collection of data and transference to other spreadsheets to feed Access were a very heavy process and required constant review to guarantee the accuracy of the data. Problems of

Information: – The budget process that took 7 to 10 days at the end of each quarter. Spreadsheets dispersed all over the company. – Lower accuracy and quality of the data. – Managers could not do real-time tracking in marketing, production and dashboards orders. – Managers could not had a good handle on the actual transactions, expectations and objectives. The company needed a solution that could provide a forecast of visibility and confidence to managers, allowing them to make quick and effective decisions.

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They identified the requirements for a financial planning solution: data accuracy, integrity of financial data, a tool to address complex financial situations, flexibility, ease of use, speed and performance. 2. Why do you think the company was using Access and Excel for its intelligence and reporting requirements? Because they do not had information or knowledge of other types of programs for business intelligence.

Furthermore, when the company suddenly just started, he use of such programs work fine, but when they grow, the method began to be very cumbersome, inaccurate and became consumed too much man hours. 3. Describe Nicholls business strategy, or how it defines its competitive advantage. How important is customer loyalty? 4. Were resources improperly allocated under the manual system? How has the Bal system reallocated resources?