“Young & Beautiful”, it tells us a story about how a 17-year-old girl named Isabella became a prostitute, and how did she get out of it. It happened in Sociable’s 17, because 17 is a special age for us. When we are 1 7, we are passionate and full of novelty. We want to get out of control from our parents; we want to become mature rapidly; we expect to leave the teenage world and become an adult; we eat the forbidden fruit on a sly; we attempt to explore who we are, and what the world is.

But eventually, all of us will find the answer, though some Of us may take a detour. In the movie, Isabella works as a prostitute and lives in a secret life. Once one of her client John died when he was having sex with her, and her job was exposed to the police and her parents. When she went to the psychologist, the psychologist doubts why she wanted to do the job. Indeed, every audience is curious about it. Why? Her family is not poor, and her mother gave her enough money to support her school life. She doesn’t buy luxuries, and she just saved all the money she earned in the closet.

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Then why, why would she still do this filthy job? But Isabella replied, “It was simpler, cleared’. Apparently, it is simple. The old rich men with lots of money want to have sex with young beautiful girl. The purpose is undisguised and straight. It doesn’t need any word, promise or flatter. And she charged the money to assess the worth of herself. It seems like she is exploring something. She is discovering her sexuality, and the relationship between male and female. She is eager to know everything about the complex world. However, why did she choose such a way? Ink it is related to her family and her childhood. Maybe it is a compensation for her natural father. So she is more curious about the sexuality and love. Her parents took apart when she was young. Though her stepfather is very kind, she still feels that she is the “extra” person in her family. And there is a large gap between she and her mother. She wants to have a rebellion. She needs a shortcut to be quickly independent and mature. She wants to jump out of the moral encumbrance. Maybe it results of her unsatisfactory fist time. And in the end, the talk with

John’s wife seems to awake her. When the dark over, the dawn comes, all of these things seem like happening in the dream. The director left an opening ending for us, and he didn’t show exactly what happened in the end. More importantly, it leads us to think above the girl, above the sexuality. Female sexual desire, self-recognizing, self identity, middle class interests, youth and growth, young and beautiful… All Of them are leading us to a deeper exploration and meditation. And that’s what beyond the sexuality; that’s what movie brings to us.