In this part of your assignment, you will journal for three weeks or 5 weeks and will do an assessment of the behavior change process. When you journal for three weeks or five weeks you should have a minimum of three (3) to five (5) entries per week. Please answer all questions at the end of this assignment. WRITE GOAL HERE (Same goal from Part 1 of your assignment) My goal is to tone my stomach and lose 1 0 pounds in order to have a fit body. Journal Day/Date Today’s Successes What I did to help me reach my goal Today’s challenges and/or obstacles

What kept me from reaching my goal Today’s behavioral and/or coping strategies How I will overcome the obstacles WEEK 1 Monday Practiced belly fat exercise in minutes School work and homework Try to finish my work in order to have time for Tuesday. Tuesday Went to gym My muscles were tired Warmed up before gym Wednesday Practiced belly fat exercise in 20 minutes Complete homework to have time for swimming on Tours Thursday None Swam up to 30 minutes Friday Went to work Saturday Sunday Practiced belly fat exercise Practiced in 30 minutes Week 1 Review: Write a short paragraph of your progress for this week.

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