It wasn’t until Alex began o interact with the men who ran the company on their level that she began to get promoted. Ethane is faced with a dilemma of whether she should change her personality around her coworkers in order to be promoted easier, or to remain the same as she has always been. If I was Ethane would Start Off by just being myself in the business world and trying to connect with people on a personal level instead of changing my behavioral patterns.

It might be a harder to get promoted in this industry though because it is typically male dominated as a lot of the work is tremendous. It has been awhile since Alex began working at the company so maybe some of the previous people who ignored her ideas in the past are no longer with the company which would make being promoted easier. Since Alex has already been a manager for the company do not think that it will be as hard to get promoted within the company since she had already paved the way for females in the company.

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If I do notice that am being treated differently I might change up my personality a little bit and see if am actually Ewing treated differently because of the way behave. Think that if just be myself can be successful in the company with Alex already paving the way. One strategy that Ethane could use to connect with her co-workers and supervisors is to suggest that the company implement some affinity groups so that everyone in the company can get to know each other and eliminate some of the isolation and discrimination that comes with being the outsider. They implement a mentors program or throw networking events that loud go a long way in helping Ethane reach the top of the managerial ranks, but it could also lead to her being left out if they men do not join any of her groups or simply create groups catered around sports.