The BBC presented this in favor of the public services as they will be saving money and will be able to afford more equipment. It does affect the citizens because more people are becoming redundant and losing their jobs causing people be jobless and losing a job they that they love. The media has presented this story in many different ways such as on the internet it was very down to the point no pictures, just text. It was very complex online. Whereas in the newspaper it there was less to read and more pictures of what was happening. The pictures they used was the soldiers packing there belongings and returning home.

The media showed this story differently The way the news have reported this story has an effect on the citizens and the public services because people are losing their jobs causing people to be made redundant this has the same impact on the public services. It has a number of effects on the public because it makes the citizens think that we have less protection in the KICK if there aren’t as many army soldiers fighting for our county. All of the families who have a family member in the army will be more worried about the soldiers who still have their job because there is more risk of them getting injuries now there are fewer soldiers.

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By these people loosing there job it has many consequences as it could lead to their Emily being homeless, depression could start because of all the stress. This affects both the public services and the citizens. The soldiers could have post dramatic stress from leaving the army and going back to reality or having a medical issue and some may even have it because of the situations they have been accounted with. There are also is positive effects of this is that the army are saving money in many ways and use it on training the soldiers they already have. Maria Dues-Tanoak killed. Manhunt as Earls Court prostitute Maria Dues-Tanoak killed” A man suspected of murdering a west London sex worker and attacking another is Ewing hunted by police. The body of Maria Dues-Tanoak, 48, was in a flat in Earl’s Court for several days before it was found on 31 January. She died from head injuries. Police have said they are looking for Robert Richard Fraser, also known as Robert Allen or Shih Robert Jackson. They are linking the killing to another attack on a sex worker in Padding, west London, on 18 January. We also understand she was in the company of a man and our primary focus is to trace him as part of this investigation. ‘It is imperative that we trace him as soon as possible. ” “We have spoken to organizations with links to those who work in the sex industry to make them aware of this incident and pass on the message that personal safety of sex workers is of paramount importance. ” This news report was found on BBC news think this is not in favor of the police as they are searching for the killer which isn’t a good thing for the police as it is wasting valuable time because there is many other incidents that the police need to attend and use their services.

This story affects the citizens as it makes the people living in this area scared of what might happen next and that the area isn’t safe. This report doesn’t help anyone because it is letting everyone know hat there is a killer loose and not in prison. The way the news have reported this story has an effect on the citizens because they are now scared of living in this area because the killer has not been caught, they are at a high risk of something happening again. The public now think that it isn’t a safe place to live.

This also affects the public services because they are searching for the police because of this they will have to patrol the streets and they will get a number of public complaints. Once again this can cause a lot of stress on both the public services and the citizens. This can lead to the stress of families or their children knowing there is a sex worker on the loose. The public services will be spending a lot of money trying to track this man down. Money will also be used for the forensics of the murder.

The public services will also have to contact the border security, previous employees, friends and family to see if they know anything and to report to the police if they hear anything or see him. This media story also highlights the risks involved in working in the sex industry in the UK. In other European Countries prostitutes are given protection by the public services, The risk involved in this type of work means hat the Police will be regularly involved in investigations of this nature, this may be seen as a good thing by some people as it keeps the Police active and aware of this type of activity and crime.

There are others who feel this is a waste of Police time as they feel prostitution is an immoral way of making a living and should not be associated with employment. UK floods: Army to carry out ‘rapid inspection’ of defenses. “The Army will check 1 50,000 flood defenses across England over five weeks. ” Mr. Hammond said the government had offered troops to civil authorities “a long while ago” but he aid it would involve the military earlier in the process in future and would be more “aggressive” in urging local authorities to use troops.

Philip Hammond said the Army would inspect England’s flood defenses “What we have done over the last 10 days is push them a bit more aggressively at those civil authorities,” he said. He said sending military liaison officers to local “gold commands” – meetings of public bodies such as councils and the fire service, led by the police ; had been a “major step forward” think probably we will want to make sure in future that we do that at a very early stage in any merging problem,” he added, The Ministry of Deference said rules had changed since the start of the flooding so councils could now recoup all costs if they call in the military.

This news report was found on BBC news I think this is not in favor for the army but it is also in favor for the army because it shows the public that they are trying to help them with the floods and rescuing people, it gives the army a positive view from the public. But then while the army are doing this they could be needed somewhere else or they could be training for their next operation. The way the news have reported his story has an effect on the citizens because the floods have caused a lot of people to be homeless and all their belongings ruined. It also has caused the public to be stressed and scared.

This has a massive effect on the public services because they are helping the citizens but they are also needed elsewhere so this is a bad thing because it affects their pay and fitness. After the public being left homeless it can cause them to become depressed. The positive effects on this are that they are getting a very good view from the public because they are helping the public which are all very grateful for their alp. It also gets the job done quicker now that the army are involved. It IS helping the citizens because they are giving them safety and somewhere to live for the moment.

UP -Present information on how various media report current affairs involving public services. The media reports on incidents and operations that the Public Services are a part of and they can portray the services how they want citizens of society to see them. They can do this by editing film footage and using clips in a specific order to show citizens if they think the public Services are doing the right thing or to present them doing meeting in retaliation to another incident when the two incidents were completely unrelated.

The Media Reports Members of the media are not only members of the public; they can influence the way the Metropolitan Police Service is portrayed. It is important that we build good relationships with them, even when the circumstances are difficult. They have a duty to report many of those things that we have to deal with – crime, demonstrations, accidents, major events and incidents.. The media have the duty to carry out anything necessary for them to do their work.

For example, if a scene has en cordoned, the Police will have to give the media a good vantage point for them to collect the information they need. In some cases, if the Public Services do mistreat the media, the information gathered can be edited so certain parts of film footage and images can be shown is a certain sequence to portray the services as a negative source of assistance. The operations and incidents that the public services are involved in are all reported on by the media, they do this by editing film footage to be acceptable to show to the public if the public services are doing a good job.

The media reports through any different ways including: The internet Radio Newspapers – broadsheet and tabloid Social media The media influences what we think of the public services and how they are being portrayed. Many people prefer to watch the news on TV rather than listening to it on the radio this mainly because the public prefer to see footage and pictures of what is happening in that particular incident where as with listening to the radio you aren’t really getting the full effect of what is happening and some may find it boring.

TV is harder hitting because they include all the footage and pictures which makes it more realistic for the public sitting at home. All of the newspaper’s report on each story differently depending if it is a broadsheet or a tabloid. A broadsheet newspaper uses a not so attractive approach on presenting their news stories as they use fewer pictures, bland colors and the journalist doesn’t normally give their opinion the story they are reporting.

Whereas tabloid newspapers present their stories using large bold headlines surrounded by pictures and usually written by a biased journalist giving their opinion throughout the report. The internet and social media present there information in the way that the public would ant to see it as this is the most popular way of viewing the news as it is easy and quick to use and locate. They use lots of pictures and bold headings make it appealing to the eye, they also add little comment boxes for the public to add their view.

The media can manipulate its audience by showing specific scenes and images of their footage in a given sequence that may be completely unrelated to what was happening at the time. The media’s role is to provide knowledge of what is happening in today’s society and around the world and this job comes with a great level of responsibility as they can influence the opinions of everyone in society. The media does also show a positive outlook onto some incidents. For example, the two images below show both the Police and students doing nothing other than doing their job and standing for what they believe.

The Police are using their settling technique (a police tactic for controlling large crowds during demonstrations or protests) to maintain control over the crowds and this image shows the advantage of this as no destruction is being caused and the protesters are just shouting their views. Statutory and Non-Statutory agencies work together to provide assistance to citizens in many different forms. Services that these two agencies consist of are: Police Service. Fire Service. Ambulance/ Paramedic Service. The Red Cross. SST John’s Ambulance.

Mountain Rescue. Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RAIN). Coast Guard. UP. Demonstrate how support is provided to citizens by statutory and non-statutory public services. MM. Justify the involvement of statutory and non-statutory public services in providing support citizens. Statutory Agencies: Statutory agencies consist Of the Police, Fire and Ambulance services, these services have the duty to save and protect. They each have their own roles and responsibilities when it moms to providing a service to the public. The Fire Service: To prevent fires.

To keep fires under control. To quarantine hazardous areas. To protect the lives of civilians. To protect the environment. To preserve evidence at the scene of arson. The Ambulance Service: To save lives. To provide medical treatment and stabilization at the scene. To provide support to those involved with the casualty/patient. The Police Service: To keep the Queen’s peace. To firmly uphold the law. To protect, reassure and help the community. To bring to justice those who break the law. To act with reasonable and fair judgment.

Non-Statutory Agencies: Non-Statutory agencies are organized groups run by volunteers; such as the Red Cross, RAIN and Mountain Rescue are just some of them. These agencies function on charitable donations by the public and they do work alongside the emergency services at specific incidents as well as having their own independent role. The British Red Cross: First Aid. Emergency Response. Preparing For Disasters. Health & Social Care. Refugee Services. Teaching Resources. Protecting People in Conflict. Finding Missing Family. The RAIN: Save Lives At Sea.

Lifeboat Search & Rescue. Seasonal Lifeguard Service. Flood Rescue. Sea & Beach safety. Mountain Rescue: To Save Life. To Find Missing/Stranded Persons. To Coordinate Search Helicopters. Work Alongside RAIN & RAFF Search & Rescue. How They Support Citizens: Statutory and Non-Statutory agencies are provided to citizens to assist them in when they are in a State Of emergency or distress. They show this support by saving lives, finding missing persons and protecting. Both agencies together provide efficient and safe service to all citizens.

In many circumstances both agencies will be required to work together, this requires good teamwork and communication skills as they do to usually have to use each other’s services. An example of where Statutory and Non-Statutory agencies must work together would be if someone was stranded in the mountains without any help, this requires multiple services to work together at once to resolve a serious situation effectively and efficiently. A mountain rescue task would require the Non-Statutory agency Mountain Rescue and the statutory agency, the Royal Air Force.

In this situation, the Mountain Rescue team have the necessary skills to search and coordinate aircraft that have to find the stranded person. The RAE would need to use heir search and rescue aircrafts to locate the person with the help of Mountain Rescue coordinating them. Each of the services provides a high quality of service to citizens; however, when they need to work together the service becomes even better and the combined skills allow the situation to be resumed as normal in a short space of time.

To resolve this situation, both agencies must be aware of what is happening so they can assess and risk assess the situation and prepare the appropriate equipment for the task ahead. The pilot from the RAFF will then take off with some Mountain Rescue ere to assist when they arrive, while this is happening, a coordinator will be communicating with the pilot to direct them to the location of the stranded person.