The second floor was for patients hat developed further along in the disease and could not function without the aid of a caretaker. The facility provided a large open area for patients to socialize with others, a dining room and leisure room with puzzles, television, and other fun activities. It always had a nurse on the floor to watch over the facility. The main characters in the movie were an older couple name Grant and Fauna Anderson. Fauna was affected by Alchemist’s disease and was just in the beginning stages.

She started to forget things like simple words like wine” while having dinner with friends or how to find her way back home after a walk. In the class textbook states that, forgetfulness is usually the first and dominate symptom first to appear, with short term memory the first to disappear. Fauna exhibits these symptoms throughout the movie. She starts to label the drawers in the kitchen to remind her where things belong. Also, in the textbook states, “In the final stages of the disease people need full time care. Their sentences are short and simple; ultimately, they stop talking.

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They no longer read, instead stare blankly at the TV or into space”. In the movie, on the second floor this took place. Patience kind of stared into space and had no interactions with anyone. Overall this movie was quite good at portraying real life situations with people living in healthcare institution like Middle Lake. Showed how Grant cannot leave his wife side after 44 years of marriage. Grant described the disease was like a house full of circuit breaker, with the circuits slowly flipping off one by one. Fauna slowly did not recognize her own husband even though he visited her quite often.

He would bring her books and towards the end of the movie she remembers how he reads to her to help her feel better. Fauna meets another man name Aubrey in the facility also with the same disease. She caters to him and soon gets really close to this man while Grant is just in the background. After Grant confronts her about the relationship between them, all Fauna says is that “He doesn’t confuse me at all”. She soon forgets who grant really is and repeatedly says “I’ll see you tomorrow” and “My, you’re quite persistent” every time Grant visits her.