Tom was convicted of helping a young white woman. Most people would have passed up the opportunity to help someone but Tom tried to do the right thing and not cause trouble. Sometimes no matter what you do, some people are going to try and “kill a mockingbird”. Attic’s was a good lawyer and an even better father. “There is a lot of ugly things in this world, son. I wish I could keep ‘me all away from you. That’s never possible. ” Attic’s wanted to be a good dad and keep Gem and Scout away from the evil in the world.

Sometimes you must admit defeat, and Attic’s knew that he could not keep it all away. Racism was too big to ignore in the small town of Macomb. Courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. “It’s knowing you’re licked before you begin but you begin any. Away and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do. ” Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird. Attic’s never showed Gem and Scout how to shoot because he didn’t want them to get a false sense Of courage. Attic’s wanted to make sure Gem and Scout knew better. Before can live with other folks I’ve got to live with myself. ” (TAKE) This quote is significant because Attic’s always said that you never really knew a person until you walked around in their shoes. This ties directly into racism and the way Negroes were treated. What Attic’s meant that you should never judge a book by its cover. When Attic’s testified, he said that not all black people are immoral, and that was just stereotypical. There are some bad black people in the world, but there are also bad white people.

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Nobody is perfect and before you judge someone, you should try to consider their circumstances. Tom Robinson was a hard worker and was a lot more innocent that Bob, and Males. Although this is truer he was mistreated and was still taken to trial for simply trying to help. Tom was an innocent an taken away from his family because of something Males couldn’t live with. “Shoot all the blue jays you want, if you can hit ‘me, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. “(TAKE) This is important because it’s about a lot more than just birds.

It was a sin to kill an innocent being, such as a mockingbird, but it was also a sin to what happened to Tom. It is a sin because similar to a mockingbird, all Tom did was help Males. He never disturbed anyone and usually stayed to himself. Mocking birds help people by making music and they stay out of people’s way too. “You rarely win, but sometimes you Attic’s means that you don’t always win but as long as you give it your best, that’s all you can do. In the trial, Attic’s testified and presented all the evidence as well as he knew how.