PA Assess your own knowledge, skills, practice, values, beliefs and career aspirations at the start of the programmer Knowledge is an understanding on a certain subject, the information can be from skills, information or facts. Am going to assess my own knowledge and skills by reflecting them. At the moment I am at college doing my Health and Social Care and am doing my Level 2 Teach Assisting course at a sure start centre. My placement is in a primary school in a reception class. I have learned different things in different ways. M more the “hands on” person, I have to do it myself to learn.

When I left school I done my grades in German, Math’s, English and Geography. After that started a year as a joiner in school, because often when was little I watched and helped my dad working with wood, as he had his own company. I loved doing it, because that was my time with my dad and no one else. So when started that year as a joiner, felt closes to my dad. But within that year I knew that that wasn’t what I wanted to do, and I only thought so, because wanted to follow my dad footsteps. Because had learned that much working with my dad, I didn’t have any problems in school.

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My dad always showed me what to do and then let me try myself, and if it had gone wrong, I just started again. So I learned by my own mistakes. When I moved over to Britain, I hardly spoke any English and my partner was always at work, so I observed others and taught myself everything needed to know. Often I had to get the dictionary out to translate what the other people were saying and I had to remind them to speak a bit slower, because I had to translate everything in my head and put the ententes back together, often I thought about giving up and moving back to Germany.

But then I told myself if get to know some more people that I will learn more, I just need to communicate more with new people. So went out more often, to speak to others and watch them talk to each other, to get more confident. The best was to do this face-to-face, so could see the other person’s expression. After a while felt confident enough and signed up for my Math’s level 2 and English level 1 and I past both so I decided to do my English level 2 and I also passed that. I was so proud, because have taught everything myself. The most about being a parent I have learned from other parents, just listening to them and watch them do it.

With my children I often use skinners theory. When they have been good, they get a sticker on their sticker chart and when they have been bad, they will get time out. This is to show them what is right and what is wrong and that bad behavior will not be encouraged. When the chart is full they are allowed to decide if they want to go somewhere or if they want to get a present, this is to show them that if hey have been good, that they get reward and this should help them to keep it up. I am also good with computer but I will try and improve them throughout, because they are always new systems.

After this course I hope to work with children, I am not sure yet if want to work with children with special needs. I will decide that when start my next placement. I know it is really important to go into a job like this without any prejudices. Because everyone is different and everyone has a different background. And each child will learn on a different basis. And will have to teach everyone different and do my own research about every child to meet their needs. Also love working with others and I love to see how others work to insure myself, so that know am doing the right thing. And I like to work as a part of a team.

And that is really important in a job as a TA, because I need to: Setting up equipment and getting things ready for lessons helping pupils who need extra support to complete tasks listening to children read, reading to them or telling stories comforting and raring for children if they have an accident or are upset helping the teacher to maintain records helping with school activities, sports events and outings always try to keep informed about the new around the world, mostly I do that by reading the daily newspaper or by watching it on the television and sometimes watch the new in German on the internet, because it is easier for me to understand it. Everyone has different Values and beliefs what gained though life. It is important not to let my own values and beliefs to affect my job and those work with.