Its plant in Medallion produce greeting cards and invitations, resplendence products, gift paper, calendars and a small amount of product for parties Arson sales have seen an increase in the export index of 157, 89 100 100 and 75. 49, respectively The plant employs 1,000 people and is the only production office of the company in the country. Most of the workers are union members. Management of Arson was uneasy because costs are increasing for the work may outweigh the savings by switching to the packager. Two measures aimed at reducing costs in filling Packers authorized.

One was based on a simplified manual operation, in which each RL working on a separate all the material provided by the manipulators table; The method specifies the working places first Packers sufficient and equal number of packages in a pile on the right of the Packers, takes a handful of cards, batteries account 12 and placed to the right of the envelopes, to Packers fill, and so on. The second method is to use a mechanical aid that cost the company $ 5 million. Arson has three (3) major national competitors: Gibson, Karma and Foot-Mobile. Arson consumes raw material of national origin and production of renewable annually.

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It has facilities for obtaining affordable cost of equipment. Arson workforce is achieved without great difficulty and for which there is a training school funded by all companies in the country and supported by the Ministry of Labor is employed. Absorb 145 people annually. Modern technology is not employed by the company, but the machinery in use is newly purchased. There is obvious errors provision. It works with 30 100 of idle capacity. In January, Arson executives, including the president, decided to introduce Packers in their line of seasonal cards.

Photo Mobile had employed Packers Christmas with their line managers and Arson interpreted reactions traders as favorable and needed ahead of the competition. 2. Determination of the main subject, or executive who has to solve the problem or problems Arson Cards 3. Determination of the main problems identified in the case Lack of new primary resources or ways of provisioning. Missing strong human capital that can be encouraged to take new decisions. Developing or acquisition of technology that can be implemented. Investment projects in the future to replace standardized processes. 4.

Hierarchy of identified problems 5. Presentation of alternative solutions Developing new ways of flow of communication through the company. Better acquisition of innovative resources maintaining low costs and processes. Give scholarships for local institution to acquire strong human capital. 6. Selection of alternative solution Part of the strategy in the main used can be considered as the implementation of a new administration with a more modern approach. His three competitors can be highlighted by extensive knowledge of the acquisition of new raw materials and investment projects in the future.