One of these slogans are “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. ” This, as a whole, means that the past has an effect on the future, for previous events that occurred ensure the mindset of the people in the future, and whether or not they want to repeat history. Also, the party controls the people in the present, and can therefore control the past with the authority to go back and modify history on paper to control what is being taught to the masses. Events in the past have a great influence on events in he future.

This is an ideal held to be true not only in the society in 1 984, but also in today’s society. The past is recorded in history books, and is taught in schools. If the past was ideal, then people will try to re-establish it. However, if the past was horrendous, then people will try to ensure that such events won’t happen again. This correlates to the technique used by the party. They created a past of desolation and anguish through altering history records, and claim to have liberated the people of Oceania.

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As a result, everyone fully bides by the Party, for they don’t want to repeat the “past. ” Therefore, who controls the past controls the future. Anagram 2 The Party itself controls the present, therefore it is able to control the past. Their main objective is to remain in total command at all times, and control everyone both physically and mentally. Physically, they use telescopes to monitor their subjects’ every move, so that they are under constant surveillance and put under pressure of the government. For the mental effect, they rewrite and manipulate the intent of historical resources.

This allows them to have power over the way in which its subjects think about the past. This is an advantage, for all of their resources reflect the ideology of the Party itself, and they are able to show themselves in a positive manner so that they can stay in power. In addition, everyone is prohibited from keeping journals and other keepsakes from their pasts. As a result, the citizens of Oceania have an imprecise and fleeting memory, which allows the Party to tell them anything, knowing that they will live it.

Thus, the Party controls the past with controlling the present. In 1984 by George Orwell, Party slogans are significant ways to hold their main principles. The slogan, “Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past” is noteworthy for its true meaning. It means that past events are influential on the future, and determines the recurrence of history. Also, it means that the government that controls the present has the ability to control the past, through changing historical records.