The stimulus in this experiment is the Cap and the tip being cut off. B. The plant releases Aquinas into different places of the plant strengthen inning separate portions of the plant. Therefore letting the plants reach the sunlight to proceed d photosynthesis. 2. This is an excellent term for for the phenomenon because when the Pl ant reacts to sunlight it “troops” or turns toward the light source using the hormone again. 3. Base covered by cap, Tip cut off, Tip covered by cap. 4. Group B(tip cut off). 5.

Because the clottier covers the new embryo of the plant, therefore if t he clottier is moved in the infancy Of the plant embryo it may not be able to do the price as of photosynthesis. 6. That the toilette covers up the light sensory nerves of the plant. Also the at the plant will not release “Again” if it does not sense light, which is probably sensed through HTH the plants sensory nerves. 7 . The major difference between the Agar material and the Mica material s that the Agar material is permeable and the Mica is not permeable(impermeable). . The experiment described in the Read This! Box supports the idea that hormones are involved in photographic response by showing that when the permeable Agar is placed the hotter ism still occurs because the light reacts to the light sensory nerves of the plant therefore making it release again towards the light stimulus. However the Mimic a being non permeable would not let the light activate as a stimulus, therefore not letting t he trophies conclude. 9.

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The Again works by sending the “Hardening Hormones” to one Side oft he plant while the other side gets depleted of the “Hardening Hormone”. Thus the principles of gravity bend the weak and flexible side downwards. 10. Separate a eclectic tip with a piece of permeable Agar dipped in Aquinas, also repeat again with a piece of non permeable Mica. Using sunlight as a stimulus, the CLC petite with Agar will bend towards the sunlight. However the eclectic with Mica will not, the is sis result of there not being any sunlight as stimulus for the the secretion of Again through hoot the plant. 1. 12. Fifth Plant recedes towards where there is light it is more likely to survive e since it will be more likely to be able to successfully do photosynthesis. 13. A. The Independent variables in this experiment are the seed size, the suns eight, the soil. B. The seed that is a possible control is the untreated seed. 14. A. The effect of Gibberellins on the plant is that deregulates plant growth, is Larry acting as a growth stopper. B. The Basic Acid deters the growth of the plant. 15.

The effect that Gibberellins had on the plant is that it acts as a growth re coagulator, the ABA deters all growth and keeps the plant in a dormant like state. 16. If a plant grows too tall and becomes an outlier it will most likely be eat n or destroyed. However if the plant remains at a size similar to all other plants its survival rat IIS increased exponentially. 17. Simply put, if the seed has no way to nullify the effects of ABA and come out of its dormancy then it will forever remain dormant and die. 18.