Andrew Forester and Sister Maude by Christina Georgian Rosettes. The two poems I am comparing are Brothers and Sister Maude. Both are about siblings, except Andrew Forester’s poem is about how he left his younger brother on his own when they were going into the town as children, and how this has affected their relationship later on in life. Sister Maude is about bitter sister rivalry and how ‘Sister Maude’ tells on her sister about her lover.

Both poems are about siblings and how they get along in life. Even though both poems are about sibling rivalry to a degree, ‘Sister Maude’ was probably written a hundred years before ‘Brothers’. This unfortunately shows that sibling rivalry will forever go on no matter what. ‘Brothers’ is a typical modern poem, set in a simple form, with five lines and three stanzas. Like most modern poems there is no rhyming scheme.

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It is more like free flowing words, which is similar to the way someone runs, anyone who has read the memo would know that this is an effective device used by Forester as a part of the poem has Forester and his brothers running in it ‘you spring towards the gate’ The way the poem is set is similar to the way a child runs, the lines start as enjambment but similar to how a child get tired after running at the end of a stanza it becomes end-stop, just like a child. The poem uses many poetic devices to make it relatable to the reader.

The words ‘Olympic Gold’ is effective as it brings in a common reference point into the poem, making the poem more relatable and easier to understand to the reader. It is also very a good reference point at the moment as soon London will be holding the 2012 Olympics. Making the poem even easier for the modern reader to understand. The alliteration and assonance in the poem are crucial in giving the poem some rhyme so it can make it easier for the reader to read it. ‘Spouting six-year-old views’. This is alliteration of ‘s’.