The manner to a catastrophe is you conveying it upon yourself. This is precisely what Victor did to his monster and himself. Victor Frankenstein said the design of his monster was for the better of world, but it ‘s more likely that he did it out of amour propre than for better. Victor said after he made the animal, “ The beauty of my dream vanished, and dyspneic horror and disgust filled my bosom. ” That ‘s Victor ‘s first mistake, being selfish, desiring to hold all the power and attending. Possibly Frankenstein created the monster through his ain rejection, non through lab experiments. I think Frankenstein ‘s denial of his creative activity was non because of the expression of it but of Victor ‘s ain weaknesss of his ain life. It ‘s non the monsters fault that he became filled with hatred and the fright of the human universe. It merely became this manner because of him abandoning his ain creative activity, his ain life signifier. Since Frankenstein was rejecting him he was anticipating to so derive and accomplish power in the creative activity of his monster.

Yes Frankenstein wanted to assist for the better of world ; he knew what the effect and result could be. To reconstruct life to human existences is non something to be messing with, your non God. It is hard to place the duties Frankenstein has toward his animal. He did non desire to make a atrocious monster ; he wanted to make life like God but got a monster alternatively. Puting that force per unit area and power into your ain custodies is non something to be running from, particularly if giving it life was your end in the first topographic point. Even if Victor could n’t care for his creative activity he should hold had it in a good safe topographic point, off from humanity. In the book, retaliation becomes the reply for Victor and the monster. While these two repeatedly hunt each other for retaliation, they differ than the Christian manner to merely “ turn the other cheek ” . Yet it is retaliation in the terminal that gives Frankenstein and the monster a nexus to the topographic point they are rupturing down for themselves. Revenge all starts by one small thing. Merely by pretermiting his life signifier he created, made a black retaliation that shortly became an endless incubus. The lone individual that Frankenstein had to fault was his ain ego. It was his mistake that his sister was murdered, his mistake that his male parent died, and his mistake he was killed. All these ironss of events lead to him. After all the agonizing events that had happened he ca n’t take it any longer. “ I had been the writer of inalterable immoralities ; and I live in day-to-day fright, lest the monster whom I had made should commit some new evil. ” The last consequence was Victor ‘s ain decease. But before his ain decease he said to a close friend Walton, “ Learn from me. . . how unsafe is the skill of cognition, and how much happier that adult male is who believes his ain town to be the universe, than he who aspires to go greater than his nature will let. ” Victor did acquire his revenge.A Though, it cost him the most critical thing a adult male can hold, his life.A After looking at the result of doing the animal, it is clear that it was a detrimental pick Victor made. For Elizabeth who ended up deceasing a atrocious decease due to the monster.A Next Victor ‘s male parent death much earlier so he should hold, A and in conclusion Victor ‘s ain life stoping because of the captivation he had on seeking revenge.A Victor ever seemed to hold high purposes, but this clip he truly did n’t believe out the consequences of his doings.A All the negative Domino effects of doing theA animal was something Victor ne’er even pictured. He had no thought what he was acquiring himself into, what a catastrophe that in the terminal, be his life.

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