1. “ The laminitiss of a new settlement, whatever Utopia of human virtuousness and felicity they might originally project, hold constantly recognized it among their earliest practical necessities to assign a part of the virgin dirt as a graveyard, and another part as the site of a prison. ” ( 41 ) .


This quotation mark is of import because it is a prefiguration of what is to go on in the hereafter chapters. No affair what sort of a perfect society people hope for when it is first built, they recognize that there will be negative things that happen within the society and so they dedicate portion of the land to the graveyard and another portion to the prison. One of the subjects in this novel is sin ; this quotation mark is a contemplation of how people view wickedness, and how it is inevitable and expected to a certain point. Sin is something that is committed by all world, but it is damaging to society and unluckily can non be avoided. The wickedness of human nature is what leads to the ruin of a society.

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Chapter 2: The Symbol of Shame

Pages 43-51

“ But the point which drew all eyes, and, as it were, transfigured the wearer, -so that both work forces and adult females, who had been familiarly acquainted with Hester Prynne, were now impressed as if they beheld her for the first clip, -was that Scarlet Letter, so fabulously embroidered and lighted upon her bosom. ” ( 46 )


This quotation mark is of import because it reveals a small spot about Hester ‘s character. Despite negative strong belief of the vermilion missive, she does non let that to stifle her assurance. The vermilion missive is described as “ fabulously embroidered ” in this quotation mark which shows that although the missive is supposed to typify shame in the community, Hester does n’t needfully take it this manner. Much description is put into what the missive looks like instead than the existent job that is at manus ; Pearl. The people should be concentrating on what they should make with Pearl, but alternatively they are concentrating on “ mortifying ” Hester which is non of great importance in the expansive strategy of things.

Chapter 3: The Realization

Pages 52-59

“ When he found the eyes of Hester Prynne fastened on his ain, and saw that she appeared to acknowledge him, he easy and calmly raised his finger, made a gesture with it in the air, and laid it on his lips. ” ( 53 )


This is when Hester ‘s hubby has seen her wickedness and is now get downing his retaliation. There is most likely a mixture of emotions billowing throughout this adult male ‘s organic structure as he has discovered for the first clip that he has been betrayed by his married woman. Although Hester is supposed to be the 1 who is publically humiliated in forepart of the community, her hubby is most likely experiencing the same embarrassment. In a state of affairs in which a individual is humiliated to this extent it is natural to experience enraged to the point of taking retaliation. The degree of love he felt for Hester is fiddling in relation to the public humiliation she has caused him.

Chapter 4: The Asking

Pages. 60-65

“ After her return to the prison, Hester Prynne was found to be in a province of nervous exhilaration that demanded changeless wakefulness, lest she should commit force on herself, or make some half-frenzied mischievousness to the hapless baby. ” ( 60 ) .


Peoples are afraid of how Hester will handle Pearl. No 1 is rather certain of Hester ‘s makings to be a good female parent to her kid. This shows a small spot about her personality and how she is a small selfish in the sense that she is merely cognizant of her ain feelings and milieus. She shows small concern for her girl Pearl, and is wrapped up in this gluey state of affairs. Pearl is described as a “ hapless baby ” while Hester is described as a “ half-frenzied mischievousness ” . Hester can merely be viewed in this mode because she is wholly absorbed in her ain state of affairs. In the hereafter the Pearl may confront many more adversities than Hester is presently confronting if this keeps up.

Chapter 5: The Dressmaker

Pages. 66-73

“ But there is a human death, a feeling so resistless and inevitable that it has the force of day of reckoning, which about constantly compels human existences to linger around and hangout, ghost-like, the topographic point where some great and pronounced event has given the colour to their life-time ; and still the more overwhelmingly, the darker the touch that saddens it. ” ( 67 ) .


Hester has the pick to go forth to any other topographic point if she chose to, but she does n’t because she feels rooted to this topographic point where she has a deep connexion to. She voluntarily chooses to remain even though she is faced with public humiliation on a day-to-day footing. It is still ill-defined as to why she is taking to remain in this topographic point. It would be much more convenient to run off from this scandalous state of affairs, yet she decides against it and stays. I believe that Hester stays here because she is in love with the male parent of Pearl. It would be difficult to remain in a topographic point where you are looked down on that much if you were no ground for her to digest this. If she is to remain in her hometown much longer, she must be able to digest being looked down upon and degraded on a day-to-day footing.

Chapter 6: Hester ‘s Prize Possession

Pages 74-82

“ Heart-smitten at this bewildering and baffling enchantment, that so frequently came between herself and her exclusive hoarded wealth, whom she had bought so beloved, and who was all her universe, Hester sometimes burst into passionate cryings. ” ( 76-77 )


Pearl has become one of Hester ‘s greatest hoarded wealths. Although it did n’t look that manner at first, it is apparent now that Pearl is the most valuable thing in Hester ‘s life. Although Pearl is such a hoarded wealth to her female parent, she is besides a changeless reminder of the shame and torment she had to digest while life in the town. Hester is spliting into passionate cryings because she is overwhelmed with love for her ain girl. Pearl is now turning up and it will be clip for Hester to explicate everything to Pearl. Hester will ever experience lacerate between giving Pearl her full love and feeling like she has brought approximately much hurting and torment. Pearl will ever be a symbol of the irreversible pick that Hester made.

Chapter 7: Pearl ‘s Strength

Pages 83-89

“ But Pearl, who was a audacious kid, after glowering, stomping her pes, and agitating her small manus with a assortment of baleful gestures, all of a sudden made a haste at the knot of her enemies, and set them all to flight. ” ( 85 ) .


Hester and Pearl are being made merriment of anterior to this quotation mark. Hester and Pearl can non get away unfavorable judgment from the populace because of the fact that Pearl is an illicit kid. At this point, Pearl and Hester construe this state of affairs from different points of positions. While Hester is pained, grieved, and embarrassed at the state of affairs, Pearl takes a different attack to it. She is “ audacious ” and stands up to anyone who approaches her. It may be due to her naivete that she is incognizant of the state of affairs around her, but she is besides really strong. Pearl ‘s strength complements her female parent ‘s weak personality and nature.

Chapter 8: Pearl Defends Her Mother

Pages. 90-97

“ Or art thou one of those blue hob or faeries, whom we thought to hold left behind us, with other relics of Papistry, in gay old England? ” ( 91 ) .


When Pearl is teased by the group of gentlemen that walk into the room, they call her hurtful names that should hold made any child call. Alternatively of endorsing down and shouting, Pearl replies short and even refuses to reply some of their inquiries. No 1 knows precisely what to do of Pearl because she is an illicit kid that is so strong headed and does non check under any sort of force per unit area. They think she may be diabolic, or that Hester is non a really good female parent to Pearl. This reflects how wearied society ‘s positions are and how they merely want to divide Pearl from Hester. It is one thing to demo animus towards Hester, who should hold to bear the incrimination, because she is the 1 that caused the job, but it is an wholly different narrative to be badgering Pearl, who has no mistake. It is really fortunate that Pearl has such a strong caput and personality.

Chapter 9: The Dark Man

Pages 98-106

“ This intent one time effected, new involvements would instantly jump up, and likewise a new intent ; dark, it is true, if non guilty, but of force adequate to prosecute the full strength of his modules. ” ( 98 ) .


Chillingworth is one of the darker characters in this narrative. He is consumed by his greed and selfishness which allow for him to be the manner he is. He cares about nil other than himself, and although he was one time married to Hester, he does non care about her sufficiency to portion half the incrimination for the birth of Pearl. The quotation mark says that the force was “ plenty to prosecute the full strength of his modules, ” intending that it was plenty to devour him wholly. That quote implies that Chillingworth would travel to great lengths to destruct Hester and acquire retaliation on her, and the male parent of Pearl. However, this is non because he is angry at the adult male for stealing Hester, it is instead because he is disquieted that this adult male is the cause of what could be the same humiliation that Hester is confronting. Chillingworth is a atrocious character because he keeps his eyes on his ends and does n’t desire anything to interfere with what he has in head ; retaliation.

Chapter 10: Trust No One

Pages 107-115

“ Trusting no adult male as his friend, he could non acknowledge his enemy when the latter really appeared. He hence still maintain up a familiar intercourse with him, daily having the old doctor in his survey ; or sing the research lab, and, for diversion ‘s interest, watching the procedures by which weeds were converted into drugs of authority. “ ( 108 ) .


Chillingworth is pulling Dimmesdale deeper and deeper into his trap to acquire retaliation on Hester Prynne. Dimmesdale is unsuspecting of Chillingworth because of his emotional province. He is no longer swearing of any adult male, and if it were n’t for his illness, he would hold been able to see the prevarication and intriguing that Chillingworth was up to. Dimmesdale is a really delicate province right now, as he is really disquieted about being discovered as the male parent of Pearl. This is a contemplation of what guilt can make to a individual. Dimmesdale may hold gotten away from public humiliation, but inside he is deceasing from the guilt that must populate with every twenty-four hours. Bing person that is a clergyman, he is regarded as person who should be reflecting a holy life style, yet that is non the instance. It is difficult to state which is worse, emotional anguish or public humiliation.

Chapter 11: Intolerable Guilt

Pages 116-121

“ It is impossible, the torment with which this populace fear tortured him! It was his echt urge to adore the truth, and to think all things shadow-like, and absolutely devoid of weight or value, that had non its Godhead kernel as the life within their life.A ” ( 119 ) .


Dimmesdale is traveling through a conflict within his ain bosom. As his beliefs Teach, he should be honest, and unsloped, yet, he failed the populace. He is afraid to acknowledge his mistakes before the fold because he is afraid how people will see him. One of the most defective things about Dimmesdale ‘s personality, is the fact that he is so afraid of what other people will believe of him. He is invariably populating in fright ; unable to confront his fold because of the guilt he is experiencing. He pours out his guilt through the discourses on wickedness, and his discourses are a contemplation of the status of his bosom. Dimmesdale will non be able to get the better of these feelings until he spits out the truth to everyone.

Chapter 12: The Truth Revealed

Pages 122-131

“ Pearl mumbled something into his ear, that sounded, so, like human linguistic communication, but was merely such gibberish as kids may be heard diverting themselves with, by the hr together. ” ( 129 ) .


Pearl is acquiring retaliation on Dimmesdale for non having up to his incorrect actions. Even though he was enduring on the interior, it seems that Pearl truly wanted him to come out with the truth the manner her female parent had to on a day-to-day footing. She refuses to state Dimmesdale who Chillingworth truly is because she knows that it will torment him even more. This means of torture might do Dimmesdale travel brainsick with expectancy, and he will get down to slowly travel mental. Although Pearl is really immature, she is really perceptive to the universe around her. She is rapidly picking up on things that even most of the society has non yet picked up on. She is smart plenty to utilize this information to her advantage alternatively of uncovering it to the populace.