Mercadona is a 100 Spanish-owned Distribution Company within the supermarket section. It is the largest concatenation of supermarkets in Spain. The executive President is Juan Roig. They have the “ SPBA?A? policy, which means in Spanish “ Siempre Precios BajosA?A? ( Always Low Prices ) . They are able to offer SPB because they buy their merchandises straight from the beginnings, puting up long-run understandings with makers. This Model is called `The Total Quality ModelA? ( Mercadona, 2010 ) .

Recent research on retail merchants ( Esade, 2011 ) , shows that Mercadona is the leader in the ranking of house trade names that are preferred by the clients.


Mercadona has constitutions in many metropoliss in Spain but has no presence overseas. In malice of the crisis, the net incomes of Mercadona are still turning, and they are strong plenty to get down internationalising. Mercadona has increased its turnover an 8 % up on the old twelvemonth and grew 4 % in gross revenues per floor country. “ It is possible to go on progressing and turning, even in the extremely inauspicious times we are populating inA?A? ( Juan Roig, Annual Report 2012 ) . The procedure of internationalisation of the leader supermarket web in Spain started a few old ages ago. Using a scheme is really hard and requires surveies of the different mark markets. Mercadona is a LSE ( Large Scale Enterprises harmonizing to the EU definition ) with more than 250 employees. LSEs features ( Sirkeci and Cawley 2012, p.5 ) are chiefly risk-averse, concentrate on long-run chances, capacity to take advantages of economic systems of graduated tables and range and usage advanced techniques for happening information.

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Harmonizing to Svend Hollensen ( 2007, p.5 ) , international enlargement provides new and potentially more profitable markets ; helps increase the firmA?s fight ; and facilitates entree to new merchandise thoughts, fabricating invention and the latest engineering. Mercadona is a mature and potentially planetary house which capableness to internationalise. It is prepared for globalisation, establishing in the nine strategic Windowss of Solberg ( 1997 ) . ( See appendix 2 )


To make up one’s mind the mark market is of import to see the geographic the purgative and the cultural distance ( Johanson and Vahlne, 1977 cited in Hollense, S, 2007, p.244 ) . Harmonizing to the geographic distance, the nearest markets are Portugal, Morocco, Italy and France ( Brief summary in appendix 3 ) . Analyzing the physic distance, Italy is the nearest 1 because the civilization is really similar. Portugal is besides really similar, but is geographically so near than before or after, Mercadona will hold presence at that place and it is non necessary to analyze the market. Analyzing Morocco is besides really similar but the faith is different and this factor may hard the enlargement. France is discarded based on the physic distance and the competitory competition. We merely have Italy, and harmonizing to MercadonaA?s features this is the most interesting state ( El Confidential, 2012 ) , a really close state psychologically and geographically. The protectionist ordinance could be avoided by geting a supermarket concatenation of the state. Mercadona has a group at that place, directed by Francisco Espert, which is pull offing purchases from providers and analyzing the features of the local sector of distribution ( Carlos Herranz, 2012 ) .

Mercadona is seeking to happen the best spouse for the internationalisation, possibly geting “ EsselungaA?A? ( A. Caparos, 2006 ) which is really similar as Mercadona. But is so much similar that would be really hard to alter the present civilization.

( add other attacks to analyze the mark markets )


Italian retail market has several cardinal features are for illustration extremely fragmented and a limited international presence ( see appendix 3 ) . Recent research on ItalyA?s Grocery ( Euromonitor, 2012 ) , grocery retail merchants had seen their gross revenues increasing by 1 % to 122a‚¬ billion in 2011, although food market retailing shops gross revenues are expected to worsen somewhat over the forecast period. In malice of the fiscal crisis, Italy is keeping as one of the biggest economic systems in the universe and it is consider as a state with high criterions for concern, investings and trade. Mercadona, if internationalize in Italy, would be on the Northern Italy, in which the population is higher, most of the between 15 and 64 old ages old, that are the commonly clients in food market.

Harmonizing to the political and legal factors, Italy has a stable authorities and nowadays they are taking several constrictions to ease bureaucratic loads on citizens and SMEs.

Finally, the engineering in Italy is developed. Carrefour has self-scanning and self-payment machines, Esselunga was the first Italian supermarket concatenation in presenting on-line shopping and Coop uses ZBDA?s epaper. Mercadona will non hold jobs in presenting its engineering in Italy.

A deeply analysis of the economic system, human ecology, politic and legal factors and engineering is available in appendix 4.


If Mercadona decide to internationalise in Italy, It would hold to vie with large retail merchants, like Carrefour and Auchan, and local leaders such as Coop, Conad, Esselunga y Selex.

Harmonizing to Graziella Ascenzi ( Expansion, 2012 ) , the Italian retailing market is really disconnected between little and large houses, with regional differences based non merely in gastronomy traditions but besides on families income. In the North of Italy ( Target Market ) there are many rivals for Mercadona. Detailed regionalA?s rivals research and competitorA?s company descriptions are available in appendix 5.

CUSTOMER Analysis:

Customers in Mercadona are known as the “ bossesA?A? ( Mercadona, 2011 ) .Demand is driven by consumer income and demographic tendencies. In Italy consumers are being more interested in private labels and bargain-priced publicities. ( Grocery Retailers in Italy, 2012 ) .

Italian consumers are traveling off from expensive disbursals and looking for discounted monetary values. This could be a competitory advantage for Mercadona, whose monetary values are low. Supermarket retail merchants have increased the private label scope which helps Mercadona to present its house trade names. Furthermore, MercadonaA?s supermarkets have an mean retail country of between 1300 and 1500 square metres ( Mercadona, 2012 ) , and as it is said in the research, hypermarkets with a selling infinite of 4,500 square metres appears to fight to stay attractive and clients are traveling towards those supermarkets bigger than 1,200 sp. metres which are frequently placed in more approachable countries. Here we could see another advantage for MercadonaA?s scheme. More information is detailed in appendix 6.

POTENTIAL Placement:

Mercadona has low monetary values ( harmonizing to their policy “ SPBA?A? ) and high quality. The chief rival in Italy ( Esselunga ) is situated really near so it could be more hard for Mercadona to put up their concern, but it is easier for them to confront the state of affairs with their `Total Quality ModelA? .


In my sentiment, Mercadona should internationalise, get downing in Italy with which Spain has really similar civilization ( Mediterranean Food, for illustration ) and geographically is near excessively. Harmonizing to a recent research in the Wall Street Journal ( see appendix 7 ) , it is strong plenty to confront the internationalisation and the possible rivals that will hold. A method could be purchasing a food market retail merchant in the mark market and learn of it before the constitution of their ain trade name.



The company employs over 70,000 people, all of them with lasting contracts. Their end “ is to fulfill the day-to-day nutrient, cleansing, hygiene and pet attention demands of the more than 4.6 million families that do their food market shopping at Mercadona every dayA?A? . ( Mercadona, 2012 ) .

It has constitutions in 46 states in Spain in 15 Autonomous Communities and represents a 13.5 % portion of Spain ‘s entire nutrient retail infinite while lending to the kineticss of the commercial environments in which they are located.

The Entire Quality theoretical account had been a success in footings of company growing and profitableness, sustained by the success of MercadonaA?s high investings in employee preparation and satisfaction ( Mercadona, 2010 ) .

Beginning: adapted from “ MercadonaA?s Annual ReportA?A? ( 2011 )

Mercadona is besides well-know because of the good quality of their house trade names as for illustration “ HacendadoA?A? that is used for nutrient, “ Bosque VerdeA?A? used for cleansing merchandises or “ DeliplusA?A? for hygiene merchandises. They buy merchandises from a maker and set their ain name on the merchandises.

Beginning: adapted from “ MercadonaA?s Annual ReportA?A? ( 2011 )


Beginning: Adapted from Solberg ( 2007 )

Solberg ( 1997 ) discusses the conditions under which a company should `stay at homeA? or `strengthen the planetary positionA? as two extremes. ( Hollensen, S, 2007 ) . Mercadona is situated in the window figure 6, mature harmonizing to the readiness for internationalisation ( growing, net income and good footing for ruling the international markets ) and potentially planetary harmonizing to the industry globalism ( which is determinate by the international selling environment ) .


The Italian retail market has several cardinal features. It is extremely fragmented ; The top 10 retail merchants have generated merely 20 % of retail gross revenues in 2008 compared to 29 % in Spain 43 % in the UK. International retail merchants have a limited presence, although Carrefour, Auchan and Spar have all gained a topographic point within the top 10.A Internet retailing is turning excessively, but has less presence than in other West European markets, accounting 2 % of gross revenues in 2008 in contrast to an norm of 5 % for the part as a whole ( Euromonitor, 2009 ) . Mercadona has a web site in which you can purchase your food market and so that will be sent to your place. This could increase the internet retailing in Italy.




The Italy Economy is one of the most developed with a per capita GDP higher than the EU norm ( Economy Watch, 2010 ) . Most of the Economy is based in the touristry ; because it is the worldA?s fifth most visited state in the universe due to its history and civilization.

Because if the crisis the rate of unemployed has been on the rise in the past few old ages with degrees of 8,4 % ( OCDE, 2010 ) with a labour force of 25,05 million ( International Living, 2012 ) . Harmonizing with the World Bank, Italy has been categorizes as a state with high criterions for concern, investings and trade. In 2012, ItalyA?s GDP was US $ 1.771,14 a spot lower than past old ages but it is remained one of the biggest economic systems in the universe during the fiscal crisis.


Italy presently has the forth-largest population in the Europe Union and the 23rd-largest population worldwide ( Demography in Italy, 2012 ) . The highest denseness is in the Northern Italy. Milan is the most populated metropolis in Italy with 7.4 million of citizens. About 69 % of the population is between 15 and 64 old ages old ( This scope of old ages is the 1 that buy the most ) . 98,4 % of the population is able either to read or to compose. There are different faiths, predominately Roman Catholic with mature Protestant and Judaic communities and a turning Muslim immigrant community. ( Kmike, 2012 )


Italy has been a democracy since the terminal of World War II. It is a democracy in which the president is elected by popular ballot. Italy has aA bicameralA legislative assembly dwelling of a 315-member Senate and a 630-member Chamber of Deputies.

Tax in Italy is rather a complicated issue because there are legion revenue enhancements that each citizen has to pay. Furthermore revenue enhancement is high, stand foring 43.3 per centum of the GDP. However, the figure and quality of the public services are some justification for high revenue enhancements, and steps to simplify the revenue enhancement system have been introduced since 1998.A Income taxA histories for 34.9 per centum of entire revenue enhancement grosss, whileA value-added taxA ( VAT ) contributes 35.4 per centum. In add-on, local governmentsA levyA otherA indirect revenue enhancements. ( Encyclopedia of the Nations, 2010 )

For a long clip, larger ironss were discouraged by the trouble of deriving be aftering permission for larger format shops, but this has become easier since the decrease of be aftering guidelines in 1998 ( Euromonitor, 2009 ) .

The current disposal has removed several regulative constrictions to economic activity which could increase GDP growing by around 0.3 % -0.4 % per twelvemonth over a decennary, easing bureaucratic loads on citizens and SMEs ( OCDE, 2012 ) .


Mercadona does non scant in engineering and it was the retail merchant in Spain utilizing the scan barcodes and it owns automated logistics warehouses merely outside Madrid ( Computers proctor bringings from providers and organise cargos to shops ) . Mercadona besides has online shopping available at their web site. In Italy, rivals use engineering excessively. For illustration, Carrefour has self-scanning and self-payment machines, Esselunga Sharpens its Pricing Strategy with OracleA® Retail Planning Platform and it was besides the first supermarket to present the online shopping ( Oracle, 2012 ) , and Coop has introduced de ZBDA?s epaper reflecting the ‘technological styleA? of their stores ( Retail Systems, 2010 ) .


MercadonaA?s rivals are detailed here for the different parts of Northern Italy:

In Lombardy, the market is dominated by Esselunga with a 27,7 % of the market portion, followed by Carrefour and Auchan ( 10 % ) andCoop ( 8 % ) .

In Veneto, Selex is the leader with a 33,3 % of the portion. Far off it is followed by Despar ( 10,9 % ) and Coop ( 9,5 % ) .

In Piedmont Carrefour is the first supermarket with a portion of 20 % , in 2nd place is Coop ( 18,7 % ) and with a 12,6 % of the portion it is Selex.

In Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Coop controlled the 27,9 % of the food market, followed by Despar ( 23,3 % ) and Selex ( 10,6 % ) .

In Trentino-Alto Adige Agora , Despar and Coop covered severally a 31,4 % , 24,5 % and 22,3 % of the portion.

Finally, in Valle dA?Aosta the C3 group proprietors a 39,7 per cent of the market followed by Carrefour with a 27,5 % and Conad with a 17,1 % .

Chicken coop:

Their vision is “ Together to the top. ” It motivates them to make our really best in every manner, each twenty-four hours. Their corporate profile expresses how they perceive their work: near, diverse, typical, advanced and partnership-oriented. ( Coop, 2012 )



Esselunga is a taking Italian food market shop concatenation, with supermarkets and hypermarkets in northern Italy. The Italian food market concatenation has long been rumoured to be a coup d’etat mark of foreign retail merchants because it operates in some of the richest parts in Italy. The company has been busy opening new shops and remodelling bing locations. Founded in 1957, A Esselunga is owned by Supermarkets Italiani S.p.A. , and controlled by itsA laminitis and Chairman Bernardo Caprotti andA family.A ( Hoovers, 2012 )


Over the past 40 old ages, the Carrefour group has grown to go one of the universe ‘s prima distribution groups. The universe ‘s second-largest retail merchant and the largest in Europe, the group presently operates four food market shop formats: hypermarkets, supermarkets, hard currency & A ; carry and convenience shops. The Carrefour group presently has over 9,500 shops, either company-operated or franchises.

CarrefourA?s three values are: Committed, Caring and Positive that conveying them closer to their clients and consumers and reflect their personality. ( Carrefour, 2012 )

In the figure they are briefly explained the five forces of the Porter Model that could be related with Mercadona.


In Mercadona, the clients are referred as “ The bossesA?A? . The Italian ingestion has raised 1,6 percent twelvemonth to forms seen before 2007. But the disbursement is falling down ( In 2008-2009 it decreased until 1999 degrees ) because of the recession. Spending less on holidaies, nutrient and vesture have brought overall disbursement to the degrees seen in 1999. The Euro zoneA?s third largest economic system is retrieving from its post-war recession. ( Deepa, B. 2011 )