He is just a normal person, but whether he is studying or doing his job he excels at it. He knows that if he just sits there and worries he won’t succeed in anything. This is why I look at him as my Personal Michigan Hero and why others should as well. One laudable characteristic of my brother is he is caring. On one occasion, we were in Miami on a delightful day. We rented a jet ski for an hour. After about half an hour we tried to make a tight turn but it was too tight. The Jet Ski capsized and faster than we realized it, we were swimming in the middle f the Atlantic Ocean.

My brother was the first to react and started chasing the Jet Ski as it was roaming off. When he finally stopped it, he could have just gone and left me. Instead he brought it towards me and helped me on. At the time it didn’t seem like a big thing but that could’ve been the difference between life and death. Another quality my brother has that is worthy of praise is that he is hard working. He is always studying, working, or doing any necessary tasks. I never see him in his Gram Labeler 1207 Hidden cake or. Bloomfield, MI 48302 601 Lone Pine Rd.

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West Bloomfield, MI 48323 room doing nothing. He knows that he wont accomplish anything if he isn’t productive. And when he is working he isn’t just reading a textbook. He studies the topic for hours until he is confident of his knowledge. Once, when it was dinnertime my brother’s seat was unoccupied. As I approached his room I saw the door slightly cracked open. When I entered the room he was sitting at his desk reading his textbook. Could vividly see his concentration. He had not realized I was in the room because of how engaged he was.

It was eke the book was linked to his brain sending information. He is the perfect role model and by watching him I have learned his routines myself. It is beneficiary just to be around him all the time because his good habits have become my good habits. It is clear that my brother is my Personal Michigan Hero. He might be a normal person but he has the determination to get past overwhelming obstacles. And the best characteristic a person can have that he has is he has made me a hero. He has shown me how to make the world a better place. That is something not many people can do.