Also, deactivation of all her social media including Backbone and even e-mail would have been disabled as well as her laptop taken away and searched by the policy to find an IP address and find the blackmailer before it got out of hand and much worse. Also, her parents should have taken her webbed away after the discovery of the first incident which would have made it impossible for her to go on online video chats with her laptop.

Now, with the amount of dangerous sexual predators rising over the internet and chat rooms and with more frequent and common situations similar to these online, the police should take these matters very seriously in an attempt to revert this from happening to anyone else. 2. Minors should not be able to have access to online chat rooms, let alone online video chat rooms. Online video chat rooms should be 18+ only and should be monitored at all times by workers to ensure that sexual content not be displayed.

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And if any inappropriate content is being viewed, it should be flagged and reported and the user or anyone from the same IP address should be banned and not have access anymore to that specific website. There should be laws set it place that forbid sexual exploitation of one selves body over the Internet. . The RACE failed in protecting Amanda Todd because they did not take the blackmailing case seriously and over looked it as not a big Issue to worry about.

They should have taken measures in finding the blackmailer and putting a stop to this. Also the parents should have both agreed on saying no to a webbed knowing the dangers, especially at such a young age- without the webbed.