We then asked them to rate Airtime HTH on a set of relevant factors based on their current performance. We then correlated both the results to find how the Airtime HTH performed in contrast to its brand Image in the market. Airtime digital TV is an Indian direct-broadcast satellite service provider owned and operated by Birth Airtime. Its satellite service, launched in 2008, transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in India. It uses MPEG-4 digital compression with DVB-SO technology, transmitting using the satellite SEES 108. EYE.

As of 28 November 2014, Airtime digital TV has total 383 Channels and Services including 25 HAD channels. Its primary competitors are Dish TV, Data Sky, Evidence duh and cable elevation providers. It has a total subscriber base Of 9. 54 million as Of 30 September 2014 The survey was conducted through online medium. We designed a questionnaire and asked people to fill it. The participants belonged to North Indian states of Punjab, Harlan, Whimsical Pradesh, Attar Pradesh, Delhi and Registrar. The questionnaire was filled by 271 respondents which included people from all the age groups and both the genders.

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The aim of conducting the research was to know: Market share of Airtime HTH in a sample of the population. Consumer behavior toward the product. Customers’ preferences for buying Airtime HTH. Driving factors for buying Airtime HTH. Pop holes in the service provided to the customer; and to come up with solutions to further improve the services required by the customer. We conducted live interviews of Airtime set top box dealers in Changer region through which we came to know about the salient features that a customer keeps in mind while buying a HTH service.

On the basis of interviews, we included the following issues in this research: C] Price of set top box Ease of installation Number of channels Signal strength User Interface Monthly Charges Ease of payment After sales services Ability to record programs Flexibility in choosing channel packages Offers/schemes provided by Airtime HTH These are the general features that a customer keeps in mind while buying a HTH service, that is why these were included for conducting the survey. Conducting the interviews helped defining the research process.

It focused our attention to the specific issues that were required to include in the research. Following are the issues that we have identified which have been included on the survey: Price Brand Image Number of Channels Signal Strength Ease of Installation Ability to Record Program Flexibility in Choosing Channels Offers/Schemes Quality of Sound and Video Importance of the selected issues to research Price: It plays a great role in buying behavior of the customers as one can spend according to on?s income.