When you first drive into the parking lot, you will see two workers on their feet, always ready to help you find valet parking. As you walk in, you immediately smell the savory slices of meat. It is a nice restaurant, meaning you see many customers in ties, suits, and dresses. The waiters and waitresses are required to wear black, in order to keep the restaurant elegant. The tables are covered with white tablecloths that drape over the sides, black napkins folded to stand up, and shiny silver knifes and ores surrounding the napkins.

They have booths and regular square tables to be accommodating on how many people need to be seated. They have beautiful crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and candles at every table for lighting. Paintings by modern artists surround the room in order to keep the restaurant detailed and complete. The Quarry, an area with many shops and bakery, is the perfect location for a restaurant like this. Flemings is located in a very open and well known area attracting many customers there, especially in the evening.

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Although they have many choices of meat to choose from, whether it be tailpipe or prime rib, the filet mignon is by far an all-time favorite by the customers reviews. This is no surprise, being that this steak comes out on a hot sizzling plate, with butter still popping from when it was cooked. With the filet, you can get a side of either mashed or baked potatoes, French fries, cheddar macaroni and cheese, or sauteDe green beans. The mashed potatoes are a personal favorite, although the French fries are excellent because they are thin and cooked extra crispy.

With this entere, a knife is not even needed because the steak is so well-prepared that it melts in your mouth. It has a crispy outside with many seasonings on it, and tender on the inside, to give it a one-of-a-kind taste. The food and service stand out from any other steakhouse in San Antonio. Depending on how you like your steak cooked, the chef knows how to prepare it for anyone. Whether you like it almost rare or cooked all the way through, it still has the famous seasoning it is known for, coated on top of the steak, making it crispy and thick.

It almost has a smoky taste to it, while still having the melt in your mouth feel. The steak alone will fill you up till the next morning because it is so thick and tender. Flemings knows how to prepare the filet to your preference, if you order it rare or medium well, they know all the tricks to making sure you are getting what you paid for. It’s a race, where you prepare all the steps needed, in order to finish perfectly. It is a restaurant that is more expensive than any fast food, but it is worth it because their filet is prepared just for you. (595)