Never thought that something like this could happen to me, but finally it was an unbelievable and a funny experience. It all started at home. I had to travel on Friday from Lima, Peru to Miami, United States. But was living in the city of Canine. This city is far to Lima, I had to travel a day before, my mother and traveled to Lima on Thursday and stayed in a hotel. I got ready with all my loathes, things for travel and gifts for some friends.

I woke up on Friday, my alarm went off at 3 am and the flight was at 6 am. So, I decided to turn it off and sleep a little more, but forgot to set the alarm to wake me in 15 minutes. Eventually, I woke up because I was very thirsty. When I looked at the clock and it was 5:00 am, I had to get ready and run fast. I was desperate because I had to take two planes one from Peru to Colombia and other from Colombia o the United States, I did not know what to do. Hough that had missed the first flight, luckily at the airport there weren’t many people, so I entered quickly, but just then I started listening to the calls of the flight and still was not in the boarding area, I could hear my name over the speakers, was lucky to enter because the flight attendants were waiting for me.

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