I also ensure that the way do my job is fair and that I recognize equality, diversity, choice and independence at all times. Regularly have supervisions with my team leader and this identifies any areas that are good but equally ones that need improvement. Also I reflect on my work activities and this allows me to improve my work practice by being critical of how I have previously performed. Have a personal development plan which outlines my goals and achievements and this is agreed with my team leader and locality manager. M currently underway with a NV level 2 ND have completed a career pathway with my assessor. As a Support worker it is my duty to follow organizational and legal requirements and it is my responsibility to make sure I am up to date with all of these and to ensure my training is always up to date and not to undertake tasks I have not been trained for. I complete records on a daily basis explaining what have done and if any changes have occurred then I record them and report it to my manager immediately. M trained very well and this training covers Health and Safety, Moving and Handling, First Aid, Communication, S. O. V. A. , Food Hygiene and many others. It covers the main aspects of my role and gives me knowledge in these areas. We are also governed by the Care Quality Commission and follow the Care Standards and Social Care Worker Code of Practice. Yours Sincerely Jack Bi. Dry of Care is a legal requirement but Mrs. Aimed has rights and she can decide what she wants to eat and also to not take her medication.

If I cause her to become ill by being negligent in my duties then I am not fulfilling my role as a career and as such am failing my Duty of Care. I can explain to her what will happen if she chooses to eat unhealthy foods and decline her medication but cannot bribe her or coerce her decision as she could then blame me and say that I made her act in a certain way which would be abuse. Ii. Could get support, advice and information from my manager and ask Mrs. Aimed if I could speak to her family and if she said no I would record it and refer the record to my manager. Iii.

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I respect Loon’s right to have friends and make new ones but it also my Duty of Care to protect him from harm and abuse and this could be what has appended if his new friend has taken his games console. Leon has the right to make his own mistakes but have to maintain my Duty of Care to support him with choices and to make sure he is fully aware of the outcomes of them. Iv. I would seek advice from my manager and Loon’s social worker. If Leon had family that were involved with his life I would contact them and I could also contact local police and seek advice from them. Chi.

A- All complaints should be dealt with as efficiently as possible, if it cannot be solved immediately then it should be put into writing within 48 hours and the plaintiff should be told of any action taken. B- The plaintiff should be told of the outcome and if they don’t agree with it or feel the issue is not resolved then they could report it to an outside agency (ICQ). The contact details for ICQ are easily available. Ii. Complaints must be dealt with: Politely, Timely, Efficiently, Written response if it is not immediately resolved and Reported to appropriate bodies (if necessary).