The article discussed and explained the “rebellion” of the youths back In the day when the author had experienced It or rather the time when he was a part of It. He called It “youthful exuberance” which summarizes how youths were deeply engaged in the society and where protests or rallies were a feat for them— a necessity, more so. Well, the ideas that were new to me were about the whole sense of “youthful exuberance”-?the rebellion, the so called “revolutions; for I haven’t physically saw one or experienced it myself.

It was a freeing topic for me, because I was part of a generation which is more engaged in media and technology and less in the issues of the society. Thankfully, the article or the author, himself, narrated a beautiful story about it and it gave me an idea of how life was back then, especially with the youths. It was explained there how they resorted to protests or rallies in order to express their opinions about what Is happening In the society. It was a necessity, a heroic art; a way to survive from the oppression of those who are with authority.

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Also, It became apparent to me the difference between the youths of today and the ones the old days. The “now’ are more into their “own” genre of rebellion unlike from “then”, where it was more like fire— wild, intense and unstoppable. There were a lot of significant phrases and sentences in the article and one of it says, “We have to dream in the same way that you have to breathe. It is more than a compelling need, it is an instinct for survival. We dream or— we die”.

I fell in love with this line because it speaks for a lot of youths back then, who are profoundly attached to the idea that there is still a tomorrow that awaits for them-?a tomorrow where there Is liberty, peace and love. It s all or nothing; if they will not dream, nothing will happen— nothing will change. Then, the second line that Is significant In the article says, “Some things I’ll do all over again, some things I’ll do differently and something I wont do at all”.

This Is a line that can be my mantra day and night, because It’s true that there are things I want to repeat, change and avoid. In short, experience is the best teacher there can be. The last line which is very meaningful for me says, “When you are young, everything takes on the burning urgency. Everything is life-and-death, everything is either-or, everything is all or nothing. This one love is the only love of your life, this one path is the path of your life. Either you have it now or you don’t. Either you have it all or you die”.

It defined precisely how youths are very passionate and determined; how they are not hesitant or doubtful to what they want to say, do or act. “It’s all or nothing” as what is indicated in the line and likewise, it speaks a lot about myself. The first thing that I agree about in the article Is about how revolutions pushes a nation forward or how It can be an effective way to make the government notice of he Issues In the society. However, as what Is Indicated In the article, It Is “what razes everything In Its path, Like wildfire.

Sometimes revolutions end up killing lives and Is destructive physically and emotionally. However, I totally disagree with the idea that Though it is true that “we” are less burning with rage and intensity, but we are still participative, but we do it in our own ways, music, art, words, etc. Just like what the author had said after talking to her daughter, “Different folks, different strokes. Different times, different chimes. To be able to glimpse that truth amid the fog of our assign, to be able to hear that truth amid the din of our slogans, that is what it takes to remain youthfully exuberant.

Music can be a rebellion, too. Fun can be a rebellion, too. Graduation can be a rebellion, too”. For I was deeply enlightened by this article, I’ll give it a ten. It was not only informative but entertaining as well. I did not get bored thought it is a long article. Instead, it made me think, feel and do something. As for my comments, there is not much to say or add about the article. It was a beautiful and very informative reading assignment especially to the youths the same age as me.