Yellow is a song based on the devotion to someone and the relationship between two people, possibly a man and a woman. Yellow creates many different reactions for different people. The opening verse, “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you”, is a verse that particularly stands out because Coldly has written this to discuss someone’s love for another. This verse highlights what the writer thinks of the other person and how important they are.

Yellow is a song that discusses the devotion and love from someone for another who is very important to them. This song explains that if love between two people is true and strong, then they would do anything for one another. The song Yellow represents relationships as a good experience, the message of the song Yellow is that when you love someone you would do anything for them, this includes dying for them; this is made clear in the verse “Do you know for you I bleed myself dry’.

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Yellow says that relationships can be happy and so strong that their life is nowhere near as important as their love for one another. When the writers refer to the color yellow, they could be symbolizing he brilliance and happiness of the relationship between the two people, this is obvious because yellow represents bright, Joyful and happy things like the sun, sunflowers and star; in the song one bright and Joyful verse says, “look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do, they were all yellow’.

The song Yellow by Coldly is a song which discusses the love between two people. This song clearly shows that this person would do anything for love, even risk their life for the other. Yellow is powerful, bright and is an excellent example of the use of relationship in music.