However recent movies shows specific species of teenage girls, where girls are either portrayed as the good girl, the lute, the popular one, the princess and many more. This representation has certainly affected teenagers around the world. Many teenage girls relate to these movies and try to do things that happen in movies. Movies highlight the importance of beauty and popularity among teenagers. This affects the viewers as they become narrow minded. Viewers start believing that being the bad boy/girl is the key to everyone’s ultimate goal of being liked by everyone.

I am writing a diary entry as a girl who was fat but due to the influence of media makes a series of wrong decisions that lead her wrought a series of events. A diary entry would be the best way to express this girl’s thought and feelings because she can freely express herself in her diary. She is scared that people will Judge her. This diary is organized backwards so that the reader will see how she is in the present, and then how she was in the past.

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I have taken references from movies Like “Mean Girls”, “High School Musical”, “10 things I hate about you” and many others, The recent trend of chatting and testing has changed the way people spell words and this Influence is evident In Ally, the diary writer. Therefore, I chose to use the testing script. I have focused more on the part 2 of the course. My Diary 13th February 2013 Can’t believe how tacky my thoughts cud be. I can’t believe how I could have thought data my body was more important than who I rely am. I was such an idiot, a moron.

I try 2 hook up with this stranger at the bar. Just so the “cool guys” in my class would actually want to hang out with me. I lost my weight 4 this? Watt is wrong with me. Oh God, I Just loathe myself. This was supposed to be the dream but I feel, I was better off with elf bee 1 lost my weight. I just regret everything, I don’t know how anything shouldn’t care watt other think, Believe in who u r & people elk people who are real and not fake-so. I ditched my Bessie 2 fit in a crowd of “cool kids”, Forsake my studies, bunked classes, started smoking, & watt not.

And where has that gotten me? I am no different than those girls that I used to despise. I treated my friend like that… And she… She tried to commit suicide… I guess, I guess I understand how she feels, after her best friend treated her… Like I did. I realize this is all wrong but that is irrelevant now. No matter how big a realization or change occurs in me, things won’t change, Cilia’s condition won’t improve and the reason for her current state is me. Nobody but me. 10th February 2013 Julia tried to commit suicide and it was because of me. Because of what I did.

This is all because of me! Julia…. Julia… What have you done? What did I make u do?? NO! WHY??? I’m sorry. I called u a cow and our boyfriend a geek. I made a Joke out of u, I got carried away, people were laughing and it was the cafeteria and I Just wanted to look cool. But you knew “dumping best friend” was a part of the plan. Then why? Is it because of me u n our be broke up? Is it because of me that u took those pills? Why? Why? 13th December 2012 Today, I miss Julia. She wad help me decide watt to wear. But I still don’t get dad reason behind not talking to me.

She knew dad plan n she said she’d be a part of it. Then why? Is she Jealous of me? Maybe she is. She probably can’t stand the fact data I am slim ; boys go “wow” went they see me AND I am a candidate for prom queen. Stain must have happened to her. I’ll Just get bat her, Vive got new friends and a lot is happening. Elf is so much better. Yesterday Ryan came and talked to me. RYAN! And he even asked me to prom. I was like…… A A It really was the right choice, losing weight, becoming slim n getting popular. It is amazing! Being slim and acting dumb is the way to go.