It’s as though you’re in a perfect world where nothing goes wrong and you never want to close your eyes, but you do close our eyes and you do realize that this beautiful country is suffering from starvation, malnutrition, poverty and racism. You sometimes wonder how it could be possible when you see how Joyful and appreciative Kenya people are. I have spent many days observing the animals, watching them find the necessities of our human day-to-day life; for example finding food and water.

This tropical terrain Illustrates how animals In the wild do things very differently to those In an enclosed sanctuary. My Journey was about to take an unexpected turn. It would become a tremendously memorable experience. During my observation of wildlife I encountered an extraordinary family of baboons and I watched in fascination how they live life in the wild. Swinging through the trees, tearing down branches as they move. The smaller baboons stay closer to the ground.

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One actually began to walk alongside where I was hiding, when suddenly a branch came crashing down, sending debris flying around the Jungle. They began screeching and beating their chests In commotion. The smallest of their clan was under the branches, very close to where I was. I stepped out carefully. I could hear the baby crying and I knew that If I didn’t do mouthing my Journey would be pointless. I started to move the branches carefully one by one, ignoring the baboons squealing above me in the treetops. Soon I saw a small hand moving around in some leaves.

I put my hand out and the tiny fingers held my thumb. Moving more of the branches I saw the baby, it had been very badly hurt. If I didn’t help it, it would surely die. I picked him up and looked him in the eye. He stopped crying. As I looked into its innocent eyes, I realized why Kenya people who live in this magical kingdom don’t seem to be overly concerned about the issues heir country has to go through. Being in this wonderful wilderness and having come in close contact with these most amazing creatures makes you forget everything that’s happening around you.

What was I going to do with a baby baboon? I couldn’t Just leave It here. It had a broken leg and cuts all over its little face. It was in serious pain. It needed medical Where do I take it? In which direction should I walk? There are so many questions. I thought for a while. This was my fate. I decided my Journey would be incomplete if I left the baby baboon to die. I would feel so guilty and I probably wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. I packed my bag and said good-bye to this most remarkable wilderness and headed south. I had this strange feeling in my stomach.

I Just couldn’t work out what it was. Maybe it was the unfamiliar sense of determination that I had to save this baby baboon. I wrapped it carefully in my Jacket to keep it warm and secure. Finally the precious creature in my care went to sleep. I walked for what seemed liked hours in the hot sun, my mind wandering. I rested occasionally in the shade of the large plane trees scattered along the terrain. When o’er in a country like this you have so much time to think, to think about absolutely everything there is to think about.

Finally I came upon a dirt road. In the distance I could see mud huts on the outskirts of a town. They looked familiar. I had been here before. Was this Macaque? I quickened my step. My heart started to beat faster. As I approached the township, I knew this part of my Journey was almost at an end. A single tear trickled down my dusty cheek. I looked down at the baby in my arms. It slowly opened its huge brown eyes. I smiled and whispered “Mate, help is not too far away now, hold on there”.